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Not sure if this post belongs in this forum, but here goes.
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I’ve been looking to find a truetype font that includes the letter(s) V and R that have lines through them. These indicate which prayer the priest says and to which the congregation replies.

Not sure if there is a proper name for these letters, and this makes it difficult to do an internet search.

If anyone knows about these letters/fonts, please let me know.

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This site may help:

The V letter is called Versicle, and the R letter is called Response.

You might also try a web search for true type fonts and versicle.

Wow! Thanks a lot for the reply and the info. After I read your reply, something in the back of my mind clicked and I seemed to recall hearing some time back that it was called versicle.

Again, much thanks.


The free font Festa Dies (here), which is for Gregorian chant, also has these, in I think a slightly better-looking version than the one lon linked. It’s font “A”, and the characters are typable as capital-R and capital-V. The site and link are in Spanish, but click the link at the top that reads “aquí (254 KB)” to download.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the new link. I like this font a smidge better than the other cuz it is a bit fancier, but I can still find uses for both.


I think it is CAC Valiant, ms just automatically downloaded some more fonts and this was one of them

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