Searching for Odenton MD Parish

My family and I are moving to the Odenton, Maryland area soon. Any recommendations for parishes that are more traditional (i.e. it’s more about growing in the Faith, reverencing the Eucharist, etc. than it is about social justice)? Any parishes that are good for young families? Thanks!

I would reccomend calling the offices of whatever diocese Odenton is and telling them what you said above. They should be able to help you more than anyone here.

I have no idea what the parishes are like in that area, however, you will be moving to the Archdiocese of Baltimore

From there website, there is one parish in Odenton and 5 in a 5 mile radius (14 in a 10 mile radius)

I’m not sure if this will be helpful or not, but have you tried

You can use that tool to easily locate parishes within a particular area, and then go to each parish’s website for an investigation.

I’ve not been there, but Sacred Heart in Bowie may well be what you’re looking for. Have a look at their website:

Here’s something the Pastor wrote in one of their bulletins:

The commandments demand plenty, to be sure. But one cannot call painful or wearisome what has to do with love and express it: such things ought to be performed with joy. The more we love as Christ loved, we grow in His grace and die to our own selfishness.


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