Searching for old movie about a Pope who

Many years ago I rented a movie about a Pope who sneaks away from the Vatican and walks to a village on a hill that is shut off from the outside world because it has plague. Only the village is only pretending to have plague becuase the gov’t brings free bread to the village daily. The people have lost their faith and their church is in ruins. The runaway Pope does not tell them he’s even a priest but slowly he rebuilds not only the church but the villagers sense of purpose and also a water viaduct. It’s a wonderful movie! I just can’t remember the name of it. I was wondering if anyone here had ever seen it and can remember the Title. So I can get it from Netflix…

You are seeking “Saving Grace” 1985 version starring Tom Conti

What Ryder said.

But now the question is: How many movies are out there with the same name, “Saving Grace?”


I believe you are talking about The Shoes of the Fisherman

Read the book by Morris L. West. It is much better than the movie.

And if it’s not the same movie, the principle is the same.

not to derail the thread, but I have read this book so many times the cover has fallen off. it is excellent. but never seen the movie!

not to derail the thread, but I have read this book so many times the cover has fallen off. it is excellent. but never seen the movie!

**The subplot of Chiara’s failed marriage and George Faber (who is single in the book) attempts to find witnesses to help in the anullment case is omitted.

And the events leading to Pope Kyril’s offer to help the Chinese get food are condensed from several months to the period between his election and coronation.

In many ways, the book was prophetic…**

The movie, of course, does not do justice to the book.

The good bishop nails it on the head. It was a prophetic novel. I read it in high school back in the 60s. The book is still in print.

When I looked it up I think I saw at least 5, if not more. I remember this film. He goes out of the vatican as just a priest incommunicado and helps a priest who has lost his faith; and the boys who were acting like gangsters; and they build the aquifer.

So you found five different films with the same title. And no two have the same story line.

Let’s not confuse ShelleyRose. She is *not *looking for “Shoes of the Fisherman.” I have the book on my bookcase and have seen the movie with Anthony Quinn as Pope Kyril. The film adhered closely to the book. Morris has written a number of “Pope” books, some of them humorous.
The film she remembers has Tom Conti as the Pope leaving the garden of the papal residence trying to retrieve a slip of paper on which he has notes regarding his plans for the garden. Upon returning to the door in the garden wall he finds it has locked behind him. Thus begins the story of his adventures among the peasants of the Italian countryside.


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