Searching for peace

Part of the christian message is to not let ourselves be ruled by fear, worry, anger and all the other bad emotions. I might be wrong, but from what I read some saints (for example Francis of Sales) have encouraged us to have a “holy indifference” even towards the good things in our lives (health, friends, etc.) in order to not get too attached to them. My problem would be that, to the extreme, this may lead to a spiritual depression where you can’t feel any emotion, where you are indifferent to everything. Is this a valid concern or not? I am striving for peace but if I’m not letting myself experience fear how could I appreciate the moments of calm?

We can be detached from things by not putting them in place of the Lord. We need to strive to put obedience to Him first in all things. If it rains on our family picnic day we can grin and bear it and have a day indoors playing games with each other.

If great grandma’s antique vase that we prized breaks we can do our best to see it in perspective and not make a big thing out of it. Good recreation creates a balance in our lives. Even men and women in contemplative religious orders have in their rule a certain amount of recreation each day.

Getting in the habit to pray short one-line prayers as we go about our daily activities (besides our regular prayer time) is a good way get rid of anxiety and to detach and focus on the Lord.

If we need advice we can always ask a priest for his input.

Just a few thoughts that might help…



Emotion is not necessarily a bad thing. Emotion is a reality and contrary to our culture of stiff upper lip, we should not suppress it. We can use it for good purpose, direct it to help us to achieve something positive.

Of course on the other hand, we should not depend on our emotion as a parameter on whether we should believe or do things.

Can’t argue against a saint though. My guess is to put God first and everything else second. If we are too attached to anything that is not God, then perhaps our priority is not right, that is, we have not put God above all things else.

So as not to have it backward, we should put God first in our life, and other things will fall into their place. Seek ye God first, and everything will be given you as well, and how true that is.

Peace is experienced when there is God’s presence. Conversely when God’s presence is lacking, we may mistakenly allow others to take His place in our lives and then peace may be elusive.

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