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Shalom! Peace of Our Lord be with you! I am 41 years of age, married, recently reconciled with the Catholic Church after a 9 year separation; am currently living in Lincoln Nebraska as a transplant from New England where I have lived in Maine and Connecticut for last three years with my husband. Am very devoted to the Franciscan charism but feeling very out of place here in Lincoln as experiencing a very anti-Catholic attitude here which I have not experienced anywhere else. Would very much like to be in touch with some other fellow Catholics. Am currently working for a student collections agency and doing volunteer work for a local battered womens shelter as I am fluent in Spanish and helping some single Hispanic mothers, have a BA in SPanish; love to read mainly historical fiction(James Michener), traveling(spent six months in Malta in 2004), philosophy, learning new languages, hiking, cooking, and developing a stronger spiritual life. I would love to be in touch with some fellow Catholics as I am petrified of entering a Catholic Church here in Lincoln due to the VERY ANTI-CATHOLIC attitude I am finding here. THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO FRANCISCANS HERE!!!Would love to be in touch with some fellow Catholics right now as I get acclimated to this Nebraska climate! My email address:



Hola, Laurie!

I am 42, mother of a 10 year old sweet girl, married 16 years to a wonderful man, and currently living in the Kansas City Area. I, too, am a Spanish speaker. I use to teach Spanish to pre- K through 5th grade. Now, I am a stay at home mom. I lived in Texas for 25 years. All my family is there. My husband’s family is in Illinois. I would love to be your “penpal” !!!



Take up belly dancing.

This might be a little much, but go to the UNL Catholic campus center and ask there. I’m 19 and have friends who went up there for college (I live in Kansas City). Lincoln is supposed to be a very orthodox diocese.

I’d like a penpal as well. I noticed we are the same age. I am living in Maryland with my four kids and my DH right now. My husband has a very demanding job, so I spend quite a bit of time at home with the kids and having a regular pen pal would be great for me right now. I saw you had an interest in philosopy; it could be fun to have a book discussion if you wanted.

You might enjoy knowing that my youngest girl’s name is Clara, and we always pray to St. Clare of Assisi every night.


Penpals! Oh how I remember one I had when I was in Catholic grade school. If I remember correctly, she was from Peru … seems it was something to d w/ Holy Childhood … anyone “buy” pagan babies when in grade school? This was in the 1960s.

And yes, I’d love to be a penpal w/ you!

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