Searching for RCIA alternative for understanding the Roman Church

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I’m located in Sugar Land, Texas, outskirts of Houston. After struggling with my experience at an RCIA recently, a kind hearted poster suggested posting here to find an “indult parish run by priests of the FSSP or ICKSP” rather than look to RCIA for understanding the Catholic Faith. I don’t know what that means but can someone help me find what is called a “traditional Orthodox parish” here please and also help me understand what these terms mean in respect to the modern American Catholic state of the faith once delivered unto the saints?

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What has happened in you RCIA experience?

The advice most likely was this: Find a traditional parish, where the Traditional Latin Mass (the Extraordinary Form) is offered. One starting point is to follow the link in my signature. Present yourself to the priest for instruction in the Catholic Faith. That way you can be confident in the orthodoxy of the instruction you receive.

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The suggestion was to find a parish run by a traditional society of priests- the Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) and the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Pirest (ICKSP/ICRSS) being the most common of those in North America.

Here is the webiste for the Institute of Christ the King, showing all their apostolates in the United States. Perhaps there is one near you-

Unfortunately the RCIA program is problematic in many places today. All too often you find the new converts to the faith being taught by those who lack understanding of Catholicism themselves or who are pushing an agenda. In my former diocese the RCIA program at many parishes and turned from Catechisis to some kind of bizarre support group.

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The closest FSSP that I know of to Sugarland is near Dallas and there are no Institute of Christ the King parishes in Texas at all. :frowning:

Prior to Sept. 14, the only indult Mass in the Archdiocese was at Annunciation - downtown Houston.

There are parishes that have started or will soon offer the Extraordinary Form (Traditional Latin Mass) in the area.

I sent you a PM.

Or you can listen to the Fundamentals of Catholicism by Father Robert Altier here at

His teaching is excellent and something you can use to measure whatever you are being told in RCIA. As Caesar said, the RCIA program is problematic in many places today. We have just discovered that someone who recently went through RCIA here doesn’t understand the difference between mortal and venial sin and the obligation to go to Mass every Sunday. Our priest has taken charge to correct the situation.

Msgr. Golasinski from Annunciation which is in downtown Houston says the old Mass, and does private, one-on-one instruction for those wishing to join the Church. He’s a faithful priest who hates modernism and heresy. Go to him, it’s your best and safest bet.

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