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I am looking for some resources on the liturgy. I do not know if anyone can help with that search. I have not really found what I am looking for. That could because they do not exist. Perhaps the search terms I am using are not the ones most likely to get the hits I want. May be when I have done a search I lack the patients to scroll through more than a few pages and the hits I want are much lower down.

So, what am I looking for? Even that I am not certain of. I am trying to find out what were the various ranks of liturgical day before Vatican II but I want to go back further than those of Pope St John XXIII in the early 1960s. I want to go back further than that; however, I am not sure of the last significant reform. I know Pope the Venerable Pius XII made some significant reforms to the Rites of Holy Week but I don’t think he made any other very significant ones. Thus, I think that what I want is to go back to the liturgical reforms of Pope St Pius X.

I would like to know the following:

  1. What were the various ranks of liturgical day?

  2. When each type of day began and ended?

  3. What were the rubrics for Missal and Breviary for each type of day?

  4. What happened when there were occurrences and concurrences?

I am all too aware my request is rather vague. May be a good starting point would be to help me identify a particular liturgical reform to focus on

The Latin language Missale Romanum editio typica, since the Council of Trent until 1962:
1570 Pope Pius V
1604 Pope Clement VII
1634 Pope Urban VII
1884 Pope Leo XIII
– St. Pope Pius X in 1911. (Rubrics)
1920 Pope Benedict XV
– Pope Pius XII in 1955. (Includes revised Holy Week and calendar changes)
1962 St. Pope John XXIII

A 1920 resource is here:

Thank you very much for that information. It is interesting. I shall now think about it and pick a specific date.

I do appreciate you providing the link but at the moment I am unable to make use of it. I do not speak or read Latin. However, that is being rectified as I have just started learning it. I suspect I am some way of being able to fluently read any liturgical book in Latin.

You may want to reach out to your Diocese Office of Liturgy. Chances are you will meet people who are bigger liturgy nerds than I am :slight_smile: Another idea, seminaries offer classes on these subjects. Wouldn’t it be great to audit a class or two??

I think that should be Pope Clement VIII.

Pope Clement VII was Pope in the 1500s,

Trust me: I don’t!

That would be great. Shame seminaries are as rare as hen’s teeth round here.

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