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Are there any saints that were famously converts? Specifically from atheism?

Yes, St Edith Stein (Teresa Benedicta of the Cross) was raised Jewish but became an atheist before she converted.

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Famous St. Converts:
St. Paul was Jewish, persecuting Christians in the first century, became one of the greatest saints in history.
St. Augustine of Hippo was a Roman and a pagan, though his mother was Christian, and also is one of the greatest and most famous of St.
St. Moses the Black, cannot find what he was before his baptism, but was a slave in Egypt, and was likely a pagan and a violent man until he took refuge in a monastery and was baptized and gave up his old life
Blessed John Henry Newman, will be a declared a saint probably by the end of next year, was a priest in the Church of England before converting to Catholicism

If you go to and search Japanese saints, most were pagans prior to conversion and were martyred in defense of their faith. Many Chinese and African saints would also fit this catagory.


Servant of God Dorothy Day—she was a Marxist before her conversion, and is now famous for her work with the poor in New York City and for advocating for workers’ rights and dignity.

Blessed Bartolo Longo—he was a Satanist, the power of the Rosary and Our Lady’s intercession is especially prevalent in his story.

Most complete list I know of:

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Not to mention her Eucharistic devotion (something which is sadly overlooked in social justice circles today)

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