Searching for the Anglican Te Deum melody from my youth

On and off for years I’ve tried to find the melody for the Te Deum we used when I was growing up and Anglican.
I have been unable to locate the Te Deum the way we sang it in three different churches (in two different cities) in Ontario Canada. I believe we used the Merbecke setting. (That name was on the ‘order of service’ almost every week.)
Has anyone come across the Merbecke melody anywhere on the Internet?

Have you tried Google, failing that why don’t you write to some Anglican Vicars to see if they can help or point you in the right direction.

Good luck with the hunting.

John Merbecke is probably best known for his Holy Communion setting written for the First Book of Common Prayer of 1549. It’s a rather lovely quasi-plainchant setting that was rediscovered by the Oxford Movement/Ritualists in the 19th century and is still used today. We sing it at our parish church.

++Cranmer wanted simpler musical settings for use in the Church of England and engaged Merbecke to put together a collection of such settings. The result was ‘The Book of Common Prayer Noted’ published in 1550 which contained music for Mattins, Evensong, Holy Communion etc…

You may have used Merbecke’s setting of the Te Deum from Mattins but I think it more likely that you’d have sung the Te Deum to Anglican Chant. It might be more difficult to track down the setting as there are so many.

Common Prayer Noted Facsimiles:,_John%29

Merbecke Communion Service Modern Notation:

YouTube: Merbecke Gloria

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