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Hello Everyone,

I’ve recently started looking into Catholicism. I’ve read some books and listened to some podcasts, etc. I now have lots of questions and feel like I’d like to attend some church services.

Where do I start?

Welcome to the forums, weary Pilgrim! :slight_smile:

I would recommend setting up a meeting with your parish priest! Start attending mass, and pray, pray pray! When my husband and I were first interested in the church, we set up a meeting, and bombarded our priest with TONS of questions! He never waivered…he took the time to chat with us and answer every single one.

You said you’ve read some books, are you familiar with Scott Hahn?

Two of his books that made a HUGE impact on me were: “A Father Who Keeps His Promises” and “Rome Sweet Home.”

I highly recommend reading them in that order, because the first book gives GREAT insight into the scriptures! The second book is probably the most moving testimony you will ever read:)

God bless you!


A church! :wink:

Honestly though…I would go find a local church and talk to the priest. Maybe check out another one nearby, if you are lucky enough to have this option, and talk to a different priest as well.

A man of God is your best bet to begin with!

Early in my faith journey I was reading things from every perspective possible and it really jumbled up my brain. That is not to say you should avoid reading things that are contrary to Catholic belief…it is always good to know you make a decision having earnestly sought the Truth.

So…in answering your question of where to start:

God will lead you . . .

A friend told me about Scott Hahn last week. I listened to an MP3 on Catholicism and was fairly impressed. I’m gonna hunt down a used book store tomorrow (yes, I’m cheap) and see if I can find something. Thank you for the advice!


I also recommend Father Larry Richards.

If you go to the website for his Reason for our Hope Foundation you can sign up for the free membership and download his talk “The Truth”

That is life changing! What is great, you do not need to be Catholic to enjoy it!!!

He is awesome!

I’m not sure of the link…but somebody told me you can actually order a free CD online of His testimony! :slight_smile:

There are a couple of different churches nearby. It’s nice to know there’s an option:) I certainly got a dose of negativity about Catholicism when growing up. I have read some books in the past that were critical of Catholicism, but some very dear Catholic friends have answered some questions I’ve had and really gave me a different perspective. I did go on some field trips to Mission San Juan Bautista when I was in school and always thought Father Serra was a great man!

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