Seasame Street?...No!...not my beloved Seasame Street!


Seasame Streets getting into politics???

watch for yourself:

or cut to the chase:

In the episode in question, Oscar the Grouch is a reporter covering, in breathless cable-news fashion, the trials and tribulations of Horatio the Elephant, who’s trying to extricate himself from a bathtub. Oscar’s quest for ‘all grouchy, all disgustin’, all yucky’ news goes awry when there’s ‘breaking news’ – namely, Cookie Monster breaking a cookie.

Oscar explains to Cookie that he’s now got two treats instead of one; Cookie hugs and kisses Oscar with joy; and Oscar’s girlfriend, Grunchetta – that’s right: Oscar the Grouch has a girlfriend – is so sickened by the outpouring of cheer that she threatens to change the channel to ‘Pox News.’ ‘Now there’s a trashy news show,’ she says.


I grew up on seasame street…my daughter watches seasame street…im sure she didnt get it…but, just me knowing the thoughts are bein’ put there irks me…i mean, this is a kids educational show?? they should be educating them on the letter and number of the day, its not a political platform…

idk…i just hope the trend doesnt continue…it just seems like nothings off limits no mores…


Was it a political statement, or just a play on words? I don’t know, its kinda hard to make a new word from msnbc or anything like that. And you have to admit, it was pretty clever.


I always thought Bert and Ernie were gay anyway…


It was clever…very clever, clever enough a kid wouldnt catch it, and most parents would overlook it or just write it off as…well, clever…

Ok, political statement may not have been the correct term…sometimes I cant find the right words or lol…use the wrong one, but, im sure you know what i mean…a kids show??? really???

now if it was on saturday night live…all the characters dressed up like the seasame street dudes, and they made the slight, then i think it’d be totally appropriate…but WHAT are they doing puttin it into seasame street?? leave the kids stuff alone already guys…


well thats a little different. you can speculate all you want, but they slept in separate beds…never did anything between the two of them that would lead one to believe they are gay…so…no harm no foul…they could be brothers…

but if they came on and did a bit where they kissed and big bird said, ‘its ok, were all friends on seasame street and you should be accepting of friends’

then that’d be a whole nuther thread…

but again, back to what they HAVE done, incorporated a slight from whats going on in the media/politics (politics because it was Obama and/or his administration that made this remark about fox news) and if theyve done it and gotten away with it, then your bert and ernie scenario might be just a couple seasons away…


And that unfortunately is exactly my point - pretty soon we’ll have Big Bird asking about copays before getting his Avian flu shot. :confused:


BWAH ha haaaa!!! have no idea the horrendous laugh i just omitted… good one…


I think you had the right word, Charlotte. With the attacks on Fox news recently coming from the White House & elsewhere, they knew what they were doing. It is too much of a coincidence that in the weeks that the White House has put the power of the US govt. behind maligning a private cable news network that they decided to jump in with both feet & get the kiddies laughing at POX news.

I don’t think many kids got it. I imagine they alienated more than a few parents. I bet more than a few parents that support Sesame Street are conservative, & many of FOX viewers are liberal. I just think it was a very stupid, obnoxious move.

Next week they can talk to the kiddies about MSNBCOBAMATURNWATERINTOWINE…


Oscar has had a girlfriend for 27 years. Grundgetta was around when my kids were little and the baby is 25.

I don’t know about politics but from the start Sesame Street attracted adults because of things like its plays on words, etc. In university, back in '71-'72, some students even missed class to watch Sesame Street. The TV room was always full for TV101.


I had so many SS products in my home it was ridiculous. We attended so many SS Live performances I think they recognized us each year. I was happy to do it because they were so eduacational & good for kids. The action was slower like on Mr. Rogers. Educational reports said that their slower format was good for kids & wouldn’t decrease their attention spans.

I would frequently watch, & didn’t catch too many political jibes. Are you thinking of The Muppets? Who knows? Maybe they did put political shots in, but maybe things are just so much more polarized these days.

If you can’t go to SS for a little unbiased fun without feeling polarized & annoyed, where can you turn? Surely not Barney, LOL. Actually, I must say I desparately clung to the phone years ago to score tickets to Barney Live. It was awesome…


I didn’t watch the link, just read what you said. But, maybe I’m not getting it. She’s saying that she WANTS to watch news that’s “trashy” (it IS Oscar the Grouch after all) and so since his is too lovey she wants to watch Pox News. Are you upset that there was any political spin at all? Or upset because you think that in the midst of only one news network standing up to Obama, they pick that one to be the “trashy” one? Because I think it’s a compliment in this scenario actually…


Die hard conservative Fox news fan checking in here… I thought the skit was cute. God help me if I ever lose my sense of humor.


I think you are reading WAY too much into SS… POX News (POX is a gross pustule) is gross and rhymes with a real news station… that is all.

Of course you could note that a big percentage of SS supporters and writers are us evil fiscal liberals who believe everyone has a right to an education, wanted to give the elderly and disabled a safety net with SS, take care of them medically with medicare and now want to provide all people, in agreement with most of our Bishops by the way, with access to basic health care. So maybe you’re right… but I truly think it was just an easy rhyme.



Way back before I had kids, I remember people talking about a liberal Sesame Street. Something about Ted Kennedy’s comments when he was a guest??? I am not sure what he did or said, but the accusation is nothing new.


You guys my kid still watches Seasame Street everyday…its not like I’m out with a picket sign boycotting them…

I just thought it was kinda crazy to see that…

and yes, if it was a trend I’d shut if off.


Well, as for me, if this is the direction SS wants to go with it’s programming, it won’t be on in my home. They can keep their political jabs to themselves and out of my kids lives, thank you very much.

Besides, my little one would rather watch the Disney Channel…


Oscar with a girl friend…hum. I could be wrong but I thought he’d had one since I was a kid and watched the show…35 plus years ago. But don’t hold me to it. Like I said it was over 30 years ago. I remember the show being sort of liberal even back then but maybe I’m wrong. I was only 3, 4 or 5 at the time. I guess to play it safe you should stick with Mr. Rogers but I was never really a big fan of his I preferred Captain Kangaroo…too bad he’s passed on. I still remember the falling golf balls and the silent rabbit…(Capt. Kangaroo stuff)…lol Oh and wasn’t there a farmer too. :eek::D;)


Yes, Grundgetta came to be in 1982.
On Capt Kangaroo that farmer Mr. Green Jeans


Mr. Rogers died too.


Mr. Rogers needed to lighten up a little…too bad he’s gone. RIP to Mr. Roger, Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Green Jeans if’s he’s in the next world too. :thumbsup:

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