Seattle Airport Christmas Debacle


The Rabbi threatened to sue if a manorah was not put up alongside the Christmas trees. What a punk.

Hannukah is not even a real holiday. Its bogus. The Israeli Jews don’t celebrate Hannukah (or at least they don’t put much emphasis on it) because they know it isn’t a major Jewish holiday.

Hannukah only became a big holiday when the early American Jews decided to commercially compete with Christians around Christmas time. Thus they elevated Hannukah from minor holiday to major extravaganza.

Keep in mind a Jewish friend told me all this. He explicitly stated that Hannukah is not a big holiday in Judaism and it was only made big to get money (though sadly our society uses Christmas to make money as well and devoids it of its meaning).

America is like 2% Jewish and 80% Christian. The liberal Jews need to accept the fact that they can’t have their way all of the time considering they are not the majority. (no offense to the Jews)


ahh… the mythical “jewish friend” Do tell us more about judaism.


What is there to tell about it?

Judaism has a rich Biblical history and they certainly are a unique people.

However the Talmud is pure evil (demonic) and modern Judaism is full of atheists and marxists. Its a shame for the good Jews.


one rabbi in the story, not plural as you imply.
Your friend whoever he is, even if he professes the Jewish faith may not be an expert on its culture, beliefs and practice, any more than someone who professes the Catholic faith may be an expert there.

now if you want to leave off the snide comments and talk about the issue of displays of Christmas decorations in public places, that would be a topic.

this is also not the thread for making global denunciations of the religious literature of other faiths entirely without documentation and attribution.


Well, I hope you know that the Rabbi has come out as saying he’s very upset with the decision to take down the Christmas trees, and that it was never his intention.

Peace and God bless!


There is already a lengthy discussion of this topic:


He only said that because it makes HIM look like the Grinch!
He should not have pitched his hissy fit to begin with:mad:


Since when was a Christmas tree a religious symbol anyway? I really don’t understand why non-Christians believe Santa Claus and Christmas trees are religious symbols. If the Rabbi would like a menorah, we would like a creche please.


Please remember your charity in the discussion here.

Thank you.

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