Seattle Archdiocese responds to online protests
“…The petitions turned in Wednesday were gathered by Faithful America, a national Christian organization, which called on the archdiocese to reinstate Zmuda.”

Here is a video that someone posted on YouTube of the press conference outside the Archdiocese. I was pleased by the way that Greg Magnoni, spokesperson for the Archdiocese responded to the questions .

Perhaps the student protesters will also be able to find another school more consistent with their non-Catholic values

I am certain they can get into a public school.

I don’t get it… Everything one thinks this is a “gay thing”

But straight Catholic Teachers have been fired for living in sin, etc.

It’s pretty simple… if you are living in a continues state of sin, you cannot teach in a Catholic School.

Personally, I think it’s come to the point that USCCB should issue a list of “captial” offense that Catholic School teachers should be fired for:

  • gay marriage
  • divorced and remarried without an annulment
  • publicly condoning abortion or birth control
  • publicly disagreeing with the Church
  • trial marriage
  • publicly supporting pro-choice canidates (when a pro-life one is avalible)
  • publicly supporting female priests

In this age of the internet and the constant attacks on the Church, we need a consistant list of requirements to insure consistancy. If we don’t have consistancy, then we will lose future law suits.

God Bless and thank you to the Archdiocese of Seattle for sicking to Catholic teachings.

If the Diocese of Seattle is like many other Dioceses in the US, their Parochial Schools may have a long waiting list of prospective students. If that is so, and I were in authority, I would send letters to the parents of all the Parochial School students involved with the protest stating that either they volunteer for extra training in Catholic Standards of Moral Behavior, or they will be suspended or, if necessary, expelled from Parochial School.
Simultaneously with that, I would have the Pastors responsible for these schools and/or Principals of these schools institute a remedial program of instruction in their schools.
This behavior on the part of the students goes far beyond that of the normal rebellious nature of adolescents and should never be tolerated in Parochial Schools. A Catholic education is a Priviledge not a right and in most cases represents a significant financial sacrifice on the part of their parents.

Maybe they could also get a petition going to revise the ten commandments - to get rid of the ones they find too challenging. Perhaps they could try to abolish the 6th commandment as it discriminates against those who committ adultery.


From the Seattle Times:

“Until today, the archdiocese had remained silent on the matter, pointing out that Eastside is an independent private school, affiliated with the diocese but overseen by its own board of directors.”

This is the key to understanding ECHS - it was founded in 85(?) or so by parents who wanted a private Catholic education but didn’t like the Archdiocese enough to want to affiliate with it. On the scale of liberal-to-conservative Catholicism with 1 = wymyn priests now! and 2 = Latin Mass only! ECHS was a ‘3’ when I attended so I’m sure it may be at -15 by now. Academically it is excellent - probably one of the best in the region. It is also expensive-as-heck since the Archdiocese doesn’t partially fund it (equivalent to at minimum a year at the UW). When I went a full 30% were non-Catholic, 30% were nominally Catholic, and the rest were regular mass-attending Catholics but with a lot still on the liberal side.

Predictably, the alumni are putting around a petition/letter claiming that this firing represents a departure of ECHS core values and demanding they put 2 alumni on the board. Oops - I think I’m supposed to keep that quiet (though how blindly emailing 100 people on facebook is meant to keep something secret I don’t know.

And that is everything you need to know about the school. It is not at all newsworthy that a liberal, nominally-Catholic school is protesting in a liberal, pro-gay city for the reinstatement of a popular teacher. The most newsworthy thing is that the school didn’t retain him.

jgribb - ECHS alumni '88 - still trying to find the ‘support the ‘Catholic’ in ECHS’ group or petition

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