Seattle area church w/ noon Mass?

I will be arriving at Sea-Tac on a Thursday (in Nov) around 10:30am. Are there any local churches that have noon Mass?
Thanks —KCT


Next time you’re online, check out . You can search by zip code and get schedules, directions, etc in no time.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, I found a 12:10pm weekday Mass. Hopefully my flight will be on time and I can make it :slight_smile: . There’s also an adoration chapel! —KCT

My word! Not only do they have 12:10pm Mass Tues- Fri, but there is confession for 30 min prior to each Mass! —KCT

I’m in love with this church! They sponsored a pilgrimage to Poland and Rome - in the footsteps of JPII. —KCT

Give 'em a call first to make sure the information is current - can’t tell you the number of times I’ve come across very old and outdated mass times info on the internet for my area :nope:

What Church did you find? I don’t know of any in the Seattle area that have daily Masses at 12:10.

Sacred Heard, a Redemptorist parish downtown. I got the info off their website, but will call to confirm. —KCT

This Parish offers many Spanish Masses so you may want to be sure the 12:10 is in English.

FYI: Be aware this in not the most “traditional” Church in the city!

I understand enough Spanish to get by if need be! —KCT

Even if the Mass were in Swahili, so what?

The Mass is indeed the same Mass whatever the language - but some people do prefer to hear it in English, and there may well be other alternatives where the OP can do so if that is what he or she wishes.

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