Seattle area

My husband and I would like to attend a Tridentine mass in our area. The only one we have seen available is downtown. And the idea of going downtown, trying to find parking or taking three kids on the bus is abhorent to us.

Does anyone know of a tridentine mass in the Seattle area that isn’t downtown?

I tried to do a search in the Bellevue area, but was unsuccessful. That region is VERY liberal and I wish you success. Sorry.

Right now, the only other (2) TLMs in WA are on the other side of the mountains:rolleyes:. Apparently, I’ve heard that the priest at a parish in Tacoma (Sts. Peter and Paul) is interested in the TLM but besides it being after Sept.14, I don’t know when that’ll be.:confused: :shrug:

Don’t I know it!

Thanks for the information!

Used to live there, good luck. I doubt you will find some, but if you do please let me know.

St. Joseph Chapel - which is downtown I think:
Su 9:30

Holy Redeemer Roman Catholic Chapel
Su 10am M-Th 8am F 6:30 Sa 9am

This is what I got from this link, which has a PDF of nationwide listings-

Good luck

This Fall, maybe in November, Fr. Bloom, pastor of Holy Family (Seattle) will be offering the TLM on Tuesday evenings, providing, of course, that he gets permission from the chancery. :cool:
Fr. Reichman (a Jesuit you just gotta love!), who has been offering the TLM downtown for years, will be helping him practice and train the people, servers, etc.

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