Seattle feminists vs LGBTQ

An interesting situation in Seattle: feminists vs the LGBTQ. Just one of many such ideological battles?

I’ve heard women make these arguments before. I can understand the library’s position too. I think they are trying to take the closest thing to a neutral position that they can.

On the topic of gender equality though,

Personally when I think of injustices in the world a law against a woman having exposed breast in public for reasons not related to feeding an infant isn’t something that rises to the top of my list. It is argued that such laws are against gender equality.

Seems that the feminists are more fringe so chances are no.

Is that all?


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I understand now.

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Mary Lou Singleton an active member of the Women’s Liberation Front, a feminist organization. Described her concern about gender identity.
“Transgender ideology tells us there is no such thing as biological sex and robs us of our ability to name the class of people who suffer sex-based oppression. If we cannot name a phenomenon, we certainly cannot fight it. Gender ideology is harmful to women and girls.”

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Yes, it’s interesting that on this one issue, these feminists are an ally with people who are conservative on social issues.

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