Seattle May Day Violence :5 Police Injured in Clashes, 9 Arrested


At least nine protesters were arrested and five police officers injured during May Day clashes in Seattle where flares, bricks and Molotov cocktails were thrown, authorities said.


So is this agitator violence Trumps fault as well?

Perhaps. I guess if he held more WA events then they wouldn’t have to besmirch May Day.


:clapping::clapping::clapping: for the Seattle Police! They were allowed to work smart against this mob - minimizing their worst intentions! We can only hope the Police are allowed to do their jobs without being handcuffed by the political lefties. Its a pretty sure bet that these organized and funded mobs will be bussed in and given their riot orders at all the upcoming public events - political and civil (any excuse or absent cake will do!)


Oh, I’m sure someone will find a way to blame it on Trump.


Meanwhile, the Moscow May Day celebrations were Putin can make the leftists happy despite being like the Tsar.


Well its Obama who usually gets blamed for everything. :smiley:



And Obama is still blaming Bush. :smiley:

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