SeaWorld killer whale ban elicits heated debate



Free Willy!



I always enjoyed seeing the Killer Whales at Sea World. As long as there is minimum danger to the employees and visitors and as long as there are some Killer Whales in the wild, I say let Sea World keep them


I watched some of CNN’s “Blackfish” or whatever it’s called.

Changed my mind forever. No SeaWorld for me or my family.


I saw the documentary and it certainly affected my views. It is true that much of it was an appeal to emotion and I was open to persuasion by effective rebuttal of the allegations raised; what sealed my opposition to the whole orcas in captivity thing, is SW’s refusal to engage when given the opportunity.

The “education of the public” justification makes no sense to me in our day and age where people can find alternative media to educate themselves on just about every living thing known to man. Besides, if the “education” is factually inaccurate (as is alleged in the film), SW’s not doing the public any favors.

There are, I believe, wonders of God’s creation which are so magnificent that they were just mean to BE - not to be exploited or captured or cut down or leveled. Blackfish convinced me that this is true of orcas. I could see a food-deprived community being justified in killing and eating one, but putting an animal created to swim hundreds of miles in a day or two into the equivalent of a bathtub for its whole life, strikes me as simply wrong - even if it makes our kids go “ooh” and “ah”.


Do not go to the circus.

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