Second Collections

Our parish as frequent “second collection” requests (for retired religious, for missions in South America, for the tornado victims, etc.). These are taken up after Communion before the final announcements - often while people are still praying.

Does your parish have second collections like these? If so, when are they taken up? Do you like when they are collected?

We have second collections about once or twice a month. And it’s the same as yours - as soon as the last communicant has received, the ushers head down the aisle. I ignore them (or try to). When there’s a second collection,. I just put both of my envelopes in at the “regular” time.

Only a couple of times a year, one is for retired religious, and one for the foreign mission when the missionary comes to speak. They are taken immediately after the regular collection. And those are the only two times appeals are made from the pulpit, except for the Bishop’s Appeal, and the money for that is not collected in church–it is sent in privately. Anything else is done through the bulletin.

Anything else is taken up with the regular collection and sorted through later. If we want to donate for tornado relief, etc., we mark the envelope and put it in the regular collection. Same for other things. This seems to work well even though my parish is very large and there are a lot of envelopes. But this way there are not frequent second. collections.

The diocese and USCCB mandates our second collections. There are about 14 a year I think This is not coming from the parish, but obedience to the diocese and usccb.

Every Catholic Church in the US that I have attended Sunday Mass at has had weekly second collections.
This included my boyhood Parish in Miami, Florida during the 1940’s, various Churches in California and during the 1960’s, Churches in Virginia during the 1970’s, and Churches in up-state New York and New York City from the 1980’s to the present. In most cases, the first collection is for the support of the Parish, and the second collection, apart from special collections for the Retired Clergy fund, Poor Parishes in (country of your choice), Missions, etc., was for the matainance of Parish buildings.The only Catholic Churches I attended over the years that did not have any collections were chapels on military bases, and overseas Churches in Europe and Asia.

Yes, one parish does. The other does not. The one that does, has begun sending the 2nd collection bags around right after the main collection, not at the end of Mass as they used to be; I guess in order to catch more of the “early leavers.” :shrug: It doesn’t seem to work very well though.

We have two collections every week. One as we bring forward the bread and wine to the altar and another later. I think one is for the Parish and one for Catholic charitable causes. I need to find out a bit more about how it works actually. Since I have been between jobs and without an income I have only been giving token amounts so far.

I would have thought the one before Holy Communion would traditionally be the one to support the Parish, but most people seem to put their envelopes in the 2nd one, so I don’t know. :confused:

Our Archbishop let’s us take up a second collection to support the seminarians from our parish. It occurrs several times each year and it is very strongly supported. May God bless our priests and future priests. Amen.

Wow. The parish I used to attend didn’t have them often, and the parish I attend now very, very rarely has them. I can’t actually remember the last time we did.

We generally have a second collection 2 or 3 times a month. The purpose of each is generally announced before the procession. The next week’s collection will often be in announcements and the parish bulletin. Our often go to things like a sister parish in Jamaica, victims of local disasters, etc. The are done after the first collection, while the offerings are being brought to the altar.

There is a reason for second collections.

Of the money donated to the general offertory collection, which is for parish operations, a percentage of that goes to the diocese for its operations. The diocese determines the percentage required from each parish. The wealthier parishes might be sending 10-15% to the diocese; the poorer parishes might be receiving a monthly stipend from the diocese, although I think this is rare.

But there are other collections for the Church on the parish, diocesan, national and universal levels, and no portion of these collections go to the diocese for its general operations fund. Some parishes rarely have second collections, because they send pre-printed collection envelopes to registered members of the parish, and/or places the special envelopes in the pews or near the entrance of the church… So on some Sundays, you’ll see parishioners placing two envelopes in the basket – one is the general offering, and the other is for the special offering.

Some examples of special offerings would be USCCB’s Catholic Relief Services (annual plus occasional for major catastrophes), USCCB’s Catholic Campaign for Human Development (annual), the Vatican’s Peter Pence collection (annual), the Holy Land (Good Friday), Black and Indian Missions (annual, since 1884 in the U.S.), diocese’s Bishop’s Appeal, Diocesan Seminarians, Priest and Religious Retirement (annual), etc. There might also be specific collections for parish projects, capital improvements, or for a parish’s debt reduction drive. The diocese does not receive a portion of these offerings.

Specially pre-printed envelopes reduce the number of second collections during Mass, but parishioners frequently forget their envelopes, and many attendees don’t sign up for the envelopes. It is up to the parish pastor to decide when to take up second collections.

There are two proper times to do the second collection – immediately after the first collection, before the gifts are brought up to the altar (usually there is an announcement), or immediately after the Post-Communion prayer, during the announcements, prior to Dismissal.

Yes we have it for different things like for disasters, relief services, last yr I remembered that we had one for retired priests and nuns.

We have them weekly for various reasons, including the our capital campaign to build our new church.

What our pastor does is say the Post-Communion prayer and then makes announcements during the second collection.

Then he does special blessings of couples celebrating their anniversaries, quincenera blessings, etc.

He then concludes with the final blessing.

Remember a collection to pay for your pew? We had that, a dime every Sunday.

When it’s a regularly scheduled special collection, i.e. “Pope’s Pastoral Works”, “Missions”, “Needs of the Church in Canada”, etc. there is no second collection. In those instances the collections are advertized, those who regularly use envelopes have those special ones in their packets and we ask those who don’t regularly use envelopes to simply use a regular envelope and write the intention on it (along with their names & addresses if they wish to receive a receipt at the end of the year). Special collection donations are taken up along with the regular collection.

Only if it’s an unscheduled collection to deal with a disaster or a local charity will we have a collection taken up after Communion, sometimes before, sometimes after the Prayer after Communion. I’ve even seen it taken up as the people are leaving.

10% of our tithes and collections are set aside for 2nd collections. On occasion (not often), we have guest speakers, we are asked to donate to their cause. The set aside 10% matches the amount collected at the speaking event, and is given to the speaker.

They happen occasionally at my parish, but they don’t interrupt the flow of the Mass. Usually an announcement is made at the same time as the other announcements, and then the ushers stand at the doors with collection baskets at the dismissal.

At the abbey where I normally attend Mass, there’s no collection at all. There’s a collection box at the entrance of the church. When there’s a special collection, the monks place a basket on a table in the narthex, and a brief announcement is made during the homily.

Second collections happen very often in my parish church at Sunday Mass. As they are taken up right after Communion, people who are trying to pray are disturbed.

Every week we have a second collection after the Prayer After Communion and before the dismissal. I remember as a child every week having the second collection after Communion with the Latin Mass. We always had two collections. My parish needs the money. We have debts to be paid and old building to maintain, besides the regular diocese assessment, , annual ministry appeal, diocese collections, and Peter’ Pence, etc. After the Prayer After Communion is the time to do it and before the dismissal. It just holds up leaving by a few minutes.

Last week we had a second collection to help support our diocesan seminarians. Next week it is for Peter’s Pence.

The collection happens right after the regular collection. Which is right before the gifts are brought up.

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