Second Collections

You’ll be glad to know that weekly second collections are still here in Miami.

I understand the reason for second collections, I just find it a little irritating (something I’m trying to learn to “offer up”) that my post-Communion prayers - which are difficult enough for me to concentrate on for a couple of reasons - are further interrupted when the basket gets thrust under my nose and I’m expected to pass it along.

There are two proper times to do the second collection – immediately after the first collection, before the gifts are brought up to the altar (usually there is an announcement), or immediately after the Post-Communion prayer, during the announcements, prior to Dismissal.

In our parish, there are announcements following the reception of Communion (after a couple minutes of silence), then comes the post-Communion prayer and dismissal. The second collections are done during this period of silence - as soon as the last person has received Communion - instead of during the announcements. I realize that we are pressed for time because the next Mass starts so soon after ours, and I’m just whining about something minor, but still, a little more time to pray uninterrupted after Communion would be nice.

I agree that we often aren’t given enough time to pray after receiving the Eucharist. I appreciate the priests who give us that time, by praying in silence themselves, in the celebrant’s chair. Some priests don’t even sit down – as soon as they finish purifying the sacred vessels, they say “let us pray” and recite the Prayer after Communion.

Your priest should not be allowing the collection prior to the Prayer after Communion – I would feel more than irritated too, I think. Have you talked to your pastor about this?

No. I hate to bother him because he’s a really busy man. It has taken him at least a week to get back to me when I have emailed him in the past. Plus, I think he thinks I’m weird because of the questions I have asked him in the past… Anyway, I think the way we do things is a “time constraint” thing.

I don’t remember us having a 2nd collection in many years.

What the parish has decided to do is have special envelopes in the monthly packet (for food bank and St Vincent de Paul) and for other collection the envelopes are in the pew.

Just put the envelope in the regular collection.

Easier all around.

I’ve never contributed to a 2nd collection. If the parish can’t budget with the other money I give for these special intentions, then perhaps they are not worthy of my time and support.

We have second collections at least two or three times a month. This includes a fuel and snow-removal collection at the beginning of the month. All our second collections are done immediately after the first collection, while the gifts are being brought to the altar and prepared.

Fortunately, I’d never heard of a second collection being taken up after communion before visiting this thread. At times we’ve had a special speaker after communion (when it would not be appropriate after the Gospel reading). When that’s happened we’ve had ushers at the doors collecting for their mission or other charity.

(1) We have second collections. In addition to the good causes you mention, we have second collections for such things as building maintenance (as another said).

Sometimes the celebrant will mention the second collection a week in advance (“Just a reminder, next week there will be a second collection for the xxx Mission.”).

Sometimes a speaker for the mission will speak to us during Mass about the mission.

(2) We have ours immediately after the regular collection.

I have also seen the speaker for the mission speak at the closing announcements, and then we have a chance to contribute on the way out.

(3) I don’t especially “like” second collections but I recognize that they’re for a good cause.

We have second collections 3 weeks out of 4. The first week, the collection goes to the building fund to help maintain the building and the grounds. The 2nd week, the money goes to the St. Vincent DePaul store on our campus, to purchase food for the poor. The 3rd week, the collection is for our school, an elementary school on our church campus. The second collection is done at the same time as the main collection. It is a little velvet pouch that is passed along with the basket. It isn’t intrusive at all. I much prefer this to passing the basket after communion as I like to have time for prayer.

Yes, we have second collections just like this. Since I’m the only breadwinner in the family, and my job doesn’t pay too well, it’s often hard for us to give to the second collection. :frowning:

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