Second coming of our Lord?

Below is a quote from a relative of mine. He was raised catholic, but is now a protestant. I am hoping someone out there is familiar with this type of analysis. I am looking for technical details on how to debunk or verify this analysis.

Let me say that first and for most I have a problem with anyone putting calendar boundaries on the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. For if one is wrong, then one is a false prophet. Something I don’t want to call him right now. So I would rather approach it with a technical analysis, and hopefully punch holes in this argument.

So anyone with some insight please let’s hear it.

Quick synopsis – Very Quick synopsis

There are 7 High Holy days of the year. And so far the exodus mark of Israel and Moses occurred on the Feast of Unleavened Bread and then the Passover. Blood Moon
Jesus was Crucified on the Passover… Blood moon
The 3,000 new church was founded on the Day of Pentacost Blood Moon
The walls of Jericho Fell on the Day of Trumpets. Blood Moon
The 1000 year reign is signified by the Feast of Tabernacles and is opened with a High Day. With the final Last Great day Observance.
I’ve thought now for more than 10 years, that Christ Return should happen on the Feast of Trumpets. I just don’t know which year that would take place. But I do believe all of this and the final conflict will happen prior to 2068. In other words the coming of our beautiful Lord must happen between anytime now and the year 2061.
Each Event including the Year Israel became a state in 1948 and then the Six day war is marked with a 4 moon (Tetrad) and Solar eclipse.
Why is this important? Because this years’ mark begins with a new Solar eclipse in view of the City of Jerusalem…
So! You say. Well so far all of these Tetrad (2 blood red moons in two consecutive year with a Solar eclipse on the month of Nisan and then Tishri) type events (with exeception of the 1500’s) has landed right on these Jewish calendar dates of the Holy High Days of GOD.
This Solar event marks a 7 year period between now until the final of Tetrad in 2014 - 2015 all landing on Passover and the Feast of Trumpets. There will be no more to land on these High Days the rest of this Century. So if the Father is in keeping with his Heavenly body calendar then according to the Holy Script, we should just be starting the Tribulation period of Daniel’s 70th week.
For the sake of this Planet, I so hope its true. May the coming Kingdom not tarry and the Lord GOD our most high become our new king and rule with Righteous Love.

Matthew 24: 36 - 44

Mark 13: 32 - 37

Luke 17: 26 - 30, 34 - 36

A “false prophet” is someone who falsely claims that God has revealed things through him. Merely being wrong about religious matters, orcirculating incorrect religous ideas, isn’t the same as being a “false prophet.”

A lot of what he writes seems like gibberish,. What “3,000 churches” were founded on the day of Pentecost? Only one church was founded on the day of Pentecost. And how is Pentecost a “blood moon?” “Blood moon” is the first full moon after the Harvest Moon, in the autumn. How was Jesus cruficied on a “blood moon?” Does your friend think Jesus was crucified in the autumn? Honestly, I can’t make heads nor tails of it.

I think his context of “Blood Moon”, is a lunar eclipse. “Blood Moon” can mean many things, not just a Harvest Moon. It can mean a Hunters moon also, but the context seems to indicate a lunar eclipse.

I am looking more for calender errors, such as did Lunar elcipses or a Hunters moon or whatever, occur during any of these events he is talking about.

First off I would get him to clarify what he thinks a blood moon is and how does he know for certain that a blood moon occurred on those specific events. The burden is on him to provide proof.

Well so far all of these Tetrad (2 blood red moons in two consecutive year with a Solar eclipse on the month of Nisan and then Tishri) type events (with exeception of the 1500’s) has landed right on these Jewish calendar dates of the Holy High Days of GOD.

Why is an exception made for the 1500’s? I would think if God were being TRULY consistent he would have included the 1500’s. I have a feeling that would throw off your friend’s calendar.

How does he respond to the fact that Jesus, himself, said that no one but the Father in heaven knows the day?

I think he got the idea from this:

… “and 3000 souls were added that day”.

It seems our good friend is putting today’s logic on the Church 2000 years ago. You see, with Sola Scriptura, everybody is their own Pope, and you know each church can only have one pope. So, 3000 souls = 3000 popes = 3000 churches.

Ah… Protestantism at its best! :thumbsup:

I think he might have meant the 3000 member Church. After all weren’t 3000 souls added to the Church on Pentecost? At least that’s the way I took it to mean. OP am I wrong?

I read this far into your post, and I totally AGREE! I know catholics and protestants that live for each second that our Lord and savior Jesus Christ is coming back for us at any moment!

Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be, though? That’s the point of the parable of the 10 bridesmaids and the lamp oil.

Thanks a million jmeyer. This hits it on the head. Now I have something to research in detail.

You’re welcome. I’m glad it helped.

Hi Guys,

My father, born a Catholic and now an Evangelical Protestant, came to tell me about this today. Have you found anything you can enlighten me with Chipper? i guess we’re soon going to get to see what happens now :stuck_out_tongue:

Somehow he connected it to Jesus’ coming. I wonder why these ‘bible believing’ and ‘bible only’ Christians keep at this and never learn to just be quiet and patient about the whole affair and instead work at their faith daily in hopeful expectation to the day ‘no one but the Father knows’ like we should.

I don’t understand why people are hung up on this.
The bottom line is that we do NOT know when the end of days will be. Instead of spending so much time and energy on this we should do what Jesus told us to do and that is always be ready. That way it doesn’t matter when the end is.

I highly recommend you listen to Tim Staples’s “The Rapture Files.” Tim debunks modern theories on the second coming better than just about anyone due to his former background as a Pentecostal before he became Catholic.

Yes of course Thistle, everyone is in agreement about that here i imagine but once you have a relative testing you and asking you if you believe it while scavenging for your reaction it becomes a little of an (annoying) issue and you would want some good info about the subject.

It seems to me that when Jesus returns everyone will know and no one will need anyone to tell them so. There have been throughout the ages that promote an end to the world and since the founding of Christianity the notion that Jesus will return at a certain time or this will or is going to happen or that He has returned but came invisible etc… are just speculations and have no bearing on when Christ will return. We are not to worry about when Jesus will return, but to stay the course that is to live as Jesus teaches us through the Catholic Church. Jesus will return when He returns.

It is true, no man can know the exact day or hour of the second coming, but Jesus did say his followers would know when he was at the door, from ‘signs’ and current events, the bible goes into great detail concerning these signs to look for, they are listed on here somewhere, so Im not going to repost them, but it is important to keep in mind most of them have come to fruition, or very close to happening, so it should be clear to anyone that the second coming is right around the corner, to suggest otherwise would be akin to saying those portions of the bible are wrong, IMO anyway.

IMO, within the next few years, a discovery will be made that suggests man was made by a creator other than God (extraterrestrial creators), and this will cause a huge falling away from the church and it may even reach the point when Govt forbids people to practice religion (the bible did say the church would go thru a period like this), and will likely jail people over their beliefs, I believe this will spark the second coming.

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