Second Georgia County, Has Uncovered 2700 Missing Votes (Memory Card)(1577 Trump - 1128 For Biden)

During the hand recount, Fayette County uncovered 2,755 votes that were not included in the initial count. Secretary of State official Gabriel Sterling said those ballots were scanned onto a card, but those votes were never uploaded into the initial count

Fayette is the second county to report an issue with missing votes. On Monday, Floyd County
uncovered 2,600 votes that were missed during the initial count on election night. The Secretary of State’s office said it was human error and called for the elections director in the county to step down. An investigation has been opened in the county.

This is the second time.
The first time the county had a memory card with 2600 never uploaded. Trump 1400 and Biden 800 votes.

So many other issues going on, they should just audit the whole process.

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