Second Life

Any Catholics registered on Second Life?

We are trying to get a Catholic Community going there.

The site is

The community we have is very small and mostly meets to say the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy and is wanting to do a lot more than just pray as the Epistle of St. James tells us to do.

Nothing could possess me to play Second Life, after the gruesome stories I’ve heard about griefers on there abusing other players… But I love your idea and I’ll pray that your take on gaming bears fruit…

Thanks, not to sound snarky but especially pray for people that will do more than just pray as most just want to say a Rosary and that’s it.

Harvest great, laborers few, workmen needed you know the drill! :thumbsup:

Thanks again Matrix! :smiley:


Just so we are clear not knocking the rosary. But it’s like with vocations. We can pray all we want but sooner or later men and women of God must stand and step forward and let there actions be there prayers!

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