Second temple vessels

As I was reading an article about Pope Francis visit to the holy land there was mention of a belief by some Jewish scholars that the Vatican is in possession of the second temple holy vessels stolen long ago.

How prevalent is this odd belief,where did it originate, and what has the Vatican done to discredit it.

Which article were you reading? I have never heard this before.

During the sixth century the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem claimed to possess the Second Temple vessels, with the church using said vessels for the Eucharist.

I really wish someone could post a link to documentation of this. I would love to read it.

So far, it sounds very much like urban legend sort of stuff. But interesting nonetheless. I would be thrilled if some real artifacts from the second temple have survived the ages.


I believe this could fe found in the Breviarius de Hierosolyma (c. 6th Century) which lists the holy relics in Jerusalem. Of course we have no way of knowing whether these or any other relics are authentic.

Thanks Dave.

Here is a reference:

Biblical Archaeology Review 30, no. 4 (2005)
The Temple Menorah—Where Is It?
By Steven Fine
Reporting on his 1996 meeting with Pope John Paul II (1978–2005),
Israel’s Minister of Religious Affairs Shimon Shetreet reported, according
to the Jerusalem Post, that “he had asked for Vatican cooperation in
locating the gold menorah from the Second Temple that was brought to
Rome by Titus in 70 C.E.” Shetreet claimed that recent research at the
University of Florence indicated the Menorah might be among the hidden
treasures in the Vatican’s storerooms. “I don’t say it’s there for sure,” he
said, “but I asked the Pope to help in the search as a goodwill gesture in
recognition of the improved relations between Catholics and Jews.” 1
Witnesses to this conversation “tell that a tense silence hovered over the
room after Shetreet’s request was heard.” 2 I

I doubt the RC Church has it -but they many not even know if they do

Claim: Vatican Hoarding Second Temple Vessels

This is a widespread “urban legend” among Jews, see this article that debunks it:

Prof. Lawrence Schiffman of Yeshiva University asserts that it is a “historically impossible” claim that the Vatican possesses Temple vessels.

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