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Hi folks. I recently got accepted to a state college that has an arts and technology program. I’m transferring over from a Catholic college that I was concerned would not give me the resources to work in the film and animation industry today. I prayed about this decision and found peace with the transfer. I was trying to use the Ignatian decision making process.

I’m having the second doubts that they warned about, but I’m wondering if they are not completely unfounded. My mom isn’t totally on board with this decision, and I would be giving up a big scholarship at the Catholic school. The new school costs about the same so that’s not the big problem. I’m just afraid I’m going to miss the Catholic environment even though I was a long-distance commuter so I had trouble feeling like I was part of the campus the little I was on it, and often felt lonely.

I’ve been happy since I’ve taken off the past semester and now, getting some illustration gigs and such so I have to wonder if there are some good fruits pointing me towards a new path. But, I’m afraid that I am going to make a bad decision here and dislike my new school. Anyone had these doubts about transferring or such? I’d love to here how you guys came to your decisions



Of course, I am not in your situation and thus cannot really say what you ought to do. However, I would put forward a few things for consideration. First, think about the job market after you leave college. You might have to do some research into this. Colleges are expensive, and many people become educated in a field in which there is no money to be made. In fact, I’d say a good number of people are now working in fields that they didn’t study in college. Consider that for a moment–and consider if you have something you can fall back upon.

I would further advise a good conversation with a trusted priest, perhaps to become ongoing spiritual direction. You’re already one step ahead of the game as you are familiar with the Ignatian process of discernment. Now it’s best to lay it all out before another who knows you well.


Are you in desolation? Are you not supposed to avoid changing your resolutions in desolation? Do the reasons for your change of heart seem to be of the type St Ignatius warned about?

(These are more to ask yourself rather than to answer here .))


I also am not in your situation and can’t judge.

But at the state college you’ll probably have a Catholic student group and be able to associate with like-minded students. Even if not you can still affiliate with a Catholic church in the local community.

I wouldn’t worry about it.


It sounds like you are longing for real college life, which usually means living on campus. Is there a way you can find a college where you are not a commuter? My parents could not afford for me to live at school, so I did the commuter student option and also worked. I have no memories of college except student teaching. I made sure that my daughter had the opportunity to go away to school and grow, learn and have fun.

Do you live in California? There are several colleges other than USC that have excellent film programs. San Francisco and San Diego State have great programs as does UCLA and Loyola Marymount (their film students have opportunities with USC students too). Good Luck.:thumbsup:


I am wondering if I am just falling into desolation, and so I’ve been trying to ignore it. But, I was talking with a friend that goes to the school and she told me that she had a stalker there so I guess that got me spooked :stuck_out_tongue:
I probably will join the Catholic group on campus. I enjoy living at home pretty well, to be honest. I probably would get something out of living on campus, but at the moment the present benefits outweigh my living on campus. I’m afraid I’d get a little depressed living on campus too.


Also, this school I’m commuting too is closer so I’m hoping that will help me feel more at home on campus! But, it will be a way bigger school :eek:


Try it is a film school in California, was in san diago but moved to san francisco.


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