Second Topless March Held in Farmington, Maine and Topless in Keene, NH

New England College towns. Sheesh. :shrug:

This is the second topless march held in Maine.

In Keene, NH, each day since the fall, people get together at 4:20,(which has something to do with the police code 420 for drugs), and some smoke pot on the common to protest and seek legalization of drugs. Rallies also take place in Manchester and Nashua, NH.

Now Keene will hold “topless” Tuesdays.

(I posted a link but it has a video and I am afraid it may have “topless” females so I took it off and will look for another link to story-420 Activists Kick Off Topless Tuesdays.)

No wonder the Muslims are absolutely DISGUSTED by us and complete lack of self-respect and personal morality.

It’s legal for women to go topless in Maine, so I don’t see the point of the march. There is no double standard. Everybody can go topless on Tuesday or any other day. But I’m guessing that the local Hooters does not have topless waitresses.

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