Second Trump-Biden Debate

Wow, sleepy Joe Biden got absolutely steamrolled by Trump!


It was pretty much the other way around. Trump relied on lies and misinformation.

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You’re both wearing partisan blinders. The debate was a draw; both did well, within the limits of their own capacity, of course. Further, the debate was civil, certainly compared to the first one.


What lies? What misinformation? Biden just wished it was.
The moderator did a good job. Biden couldn’t help himself from making comments while Trump spoke. Yes Trump did once or twice but Biden had more comments. They were to short to mute him.


Nope, I just offered a counter argument to the ridiculousness of the OP’s assertion.

More or less.

Except towards the end when both their meds started to wear off.

Other than that the Moderator ran a tight ship. It seemed Trump was intimidated by her at some points in the debate. He did not continue to talk over her the way he did with Chris.

Let’s not forget the unforgettable line about the children in the cages… it was the COYOTES, who brought them to the US!!!

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LOL Yes, the meds may have been wearing off toward the end: Trump’s sedative and Biden’s stimulant. At one point, I actually thought Biden had either fallen asleep or died.


Sorry, I wasn’t alive in 1967.

I love a good sense of humor.

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I do not think you know much about illegal immigration and the horrors of it. Do you think Coyote is a four legged animal that roams the desert?


“We are trying very hard, but a lot of these kids come out without the parents. They come over through cartels and through coyotes and through gangs.”

— Mr. Trump.

This is false. [From The New York Times]

This claim by Mr. Trump came as he was pressed over his administration’s efforts to reunite families who were separated as a result of his “zero tolerance” family separations policy. Court documents filed this week made clear that 545 of the migrant children still have not been reunited with their parents. The Trump administration fought for months against providing data on families who were separated, arguing that it was not necessary because the children had already been released from federally overseen shelters and foster homes into the care of sponsors, who are typically relatives or family friends.

Lawyers for the American Civil Liberties Union challenging the family separations policy have said the administration’s delays in providing information on the families resulted in the loss of essential time to track the families down. Mr. Trump also claimed the children detained at the border are well taken care of. The administration last year came under harsh criticism when it was discovered that children were subjected to sickness and disease in unsanitary cells for weeks longer than legally allowed without adequate soap and toothpaste.

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I think that’s what Trump believes.

Joe Biden lied about multiple things, like fracking, and also about his son. Joe Biden is a liar and corrupt.

. . . Biden did terrible! . . .


Well, he didn’t sound senile to me. Not in this debate. Maybe that’s because I’m older than you.


Lol, wow what a great source. NY times “fact checking” has been fact checked on numerous occasions, and they have been shown to be fake news. Admit it, your party is corrupt, your party is evil.

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He sounded pretty senile, constantly mixed up the names of things (like calling the Proud Boys “Poor Boys” or calling Climate Change “Climate Warming”).

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Your are speaking of two different things. Trump was deflecting answering about the children who have not been reunited with their parent by bringing up the FACT that Unaccompanied minors and I heard the number of 90,000 do come across the border. The parents send them because the know that they won’t be sent back which is true 98 percent of the time.

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“He went on with fracking, ‘We are not going to have fracking.’ Then he goes to Pennsylvania once he got the nomination, and he just, ‘Oh, we’re going to have fracking.’”

— Mr. Trump

This is misleading. [From The New York Times]

Mr. Biden has never called for a ban on the process for extracting oil and gas known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. He has pledged to end new permits for hydraulic fracturing on federal lands and waters, but said fracking “has to continue because we need a transition” to renewable energy. He has also assured union leaders in critical swing states like Pennsylvania that he will protect existing fracking jobs while pursuing a clean energy transition.

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or the unanswered question of who built the cages?


That kind of thing Biden did 20 years ago. Mixing up names is NOT a mark of senility. People in their 50’s do this.

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