Second week of R.C.I.A down!

Oh man - I am loving my RCIA classes. The priest is awesome! I am so glad I have finally made the decision to proceed with this. I really feel that I will finally come into the fullness of the Christian faith! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Yay good for you facetious5487!


I am so happy for you! Very glad to hear how much you’re enjoying your classes! :smiley:

Stay strong, facetious!

"You must never turn back for anything at all. You must not break away from holy prayer for any reason except obedience or charity. For often during the time scheduled for prayer the devil comes with all sorts of struggles and annoyances - even more than when you are not at prayer. He does this to make you weary of holy prayer.

Often he will say, ‘This sort of prayer is worthless to you. You should not think about or pay attention to anything except vocal prayer.’ He makes it seem this way so that you will become weary and confused, and abandon the exercise of prayer. But prayer is a weapon with which you can defend yourself against every enemy. If you hold it with love’s hand and the arm of free choice, this weapon, with the light of most holy faith, will be your defense."

~ St. Catherine of Siena, The Dialogue, 65

Congratulations my friend! God Bless you and keep you on this journey! Welcome home!

Great to hear. RCIA was a wonderful process for both my wife and myself. I pray that it leads you home to the bosom of God’s Church.


Peace be with you, Facetious, and welcome home. :smiley:
The Rosary…pray it daily. It’ll bring you closer to Jesus and Mary. Trust me on this one.

Yay! I’m in RCIA right now myself (this is our 6th week), and I’m having such a pretty amazing time myself! The priests, deacon, and church volunteers working with us are really incredible, and I really can’t wait to learn more about the Church from them!

It’s great to see that I’m not alone in my enthusiasm! :slight_smile:

Alone? Not a chance! We are enthusiastic FOR you!!! :extrahappy:

Not to mention the angels and Saints!!! :angel1::gopray2::crossrc::byzsoc:

God bless you all!

Good for you, may the Holy Spirit continue to guide you.:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Jesus g

Awesome! I actually chose not to RCIA this year, but will take it next year. I was brought into the Catholic Faith about 6 months ago, and Im making sure that Im not just mesmerized by the history and architecture! Haha.

Im looking at RCIA like I look at my tattoos. I always took no less than 1 year to think about what I wanted to get tattooed. If I could meditate on that for one year, then I could certainly take that amount of time and fully discover more on my own about my new faith!

Good luck, and I hope it is everything you hope!

-Cody Mack


Welcome to CAF

jesus g

That’s great that you’re considering your decision so carefully! It’s a big decision to make, and it’s always good to go into it prayerfully, with eyes wide open!

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