Secrecy in the Church?

Is Opus Dei a secret organization? If not, then why do people make this claim? One other question, why is no one allowed in the Vatican archives?

The Church, as with most monarchies, has always operated in secrecy, as far as many decisions are made. There is no particular reason for that to change. It is the most efficient way to do things.

On the other hand, there is a large body of Canon Law, and published methods of doing things. The monasteries are sometimes communal in many ways.

So, it depends on where you look, as to what you will find.

I don’t know what’s in the Vatican archives or what the policies are, but I think the documents are too valuable and unique to let even scholars rip through them. Libraries and archives are very unsecure environments. The temptation to take something valuable is too great for many people.

I think the Vatican is trying to get all the contents of the archives online, but scanning centuries worth of documents may take a century itself and be very expensive.

Secrecy? why not?

Human nature being what it is, even parish workers I’ve known blab very private if not confidential information. I mean, if you called requesting a priest for the anointing of the sick, and if you left a detailed message, it might get into the wrong hands of somebody who cannot resist the urge to spread the latest gossip.

This happened to me, under some unusual circumstances, and I had a worker wanting MORE information from me, for purely gossip purposes.

If I make a special donation to the church (which I did once) I didn’t want any information about it leaked. It’s nobody’s business. What? If a businessman gave some money and had it publicized, he might try to write it off as a business cost of advertising. I don’t think that’s right, coming or going.

There is a big difference between secrecy and discretion.

Anyone who is a Catholic can join Opus Dei, either as a lay person or to be a priest.

I know a few women who are in Opus Dei, as for your second question, can I see your old Bank Statements ? Are you allowed wander around a Museum ad lib, there are general places that you cannot go to like the basement where they hold the rest of the Art Collection, Can I wander around the whole of your house , if not why not.

There is a big difference between privacy/discretion and secrecy.

I am a member of Opus Dei. It’s my private matter. I receive help from Opus Dei to pursue holiness. It doesn’t help my or anyone’s pursuit of holiness for Opus Dei to publish the names of those who choose to struggle in their spiritual life by following the spirituality of Opus Dei.

Opus Dei EXISTS to help people to struggle toward holiness. It has no other function in the Church.

Here is a link to an excellent set of videos…each one only a few minutes long…on Opus Dei.


Because they are ignorant.

What makes you think that people are not allowed in the Vatican archives?


Just one of the short videos.

Opus Dei is so secret that they put their US headquarters on Lexington Avenue in New York City and posted a virtual tour of it online.


:clapping: Thank you. Don’t believe every film you see as the truth. Please try to do some research on the subject. :slight_smile:

Thank you :thumbsup:

See, that proves they’re a secret organization. Why else would they let everyone know the location of their US headquarters and have virtual tours of it. Come on man, put on your conspiracy cap. It’s the one that’s a little tight and doubles as a wrapping for baking potatoes in the oven. :D;)

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