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Sometimes in confession I may talk to priest about current events or some moral issue outside of the sin conversation and I may relay a priests perspective to the issue to someone else. I may say a priest told me this or that in general conversation. Is it ok for a penitent to disclose just basic conversation interaction received in a confession or is everything discussed a secret for both sides. Thanks


When Seinfeld chatted with the priest in the confessional- and told an anti-dentist joke, the priest told Seinfeld’s dentist friend.

It wasn’t the sacrament of Confession, but it was in the confessional, and the priest had no problem at all reporting it right back.

If its ok for the priest to divulge non-confession activities in the confessional, it should be for the non-priest.


Um. That was a TV show. Not real life.


The penitent is not bound by the seal. You can tell anyone you want what you said in confession.


AND anyone else who overhears due to proximity, poorly insulated walls, etc. But, yes, as others have said, the penitent himself is not bound to the seal for his own confession.


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