Secret rules for priests who father children

I still think Pope Francis has been chosen by God to clean up the whole mess in the Vatican…he needs our prayers for strength


What a mess… Come Holy Spirit and fill the hearts of your faithful. Help clean up this mess.


Hope is something we should all have, I agree with you. This has been going on for centuries and as of late the doors of the Church are being open wide, what has happened in the dark is coming into the light. Pope Francis is bold enough to address it, talk about it, and I would suggest take advances to correct it.

Personally, I’d have no difficulty welcoming married Priests as Shepherds of the flock. There is a difference between the 3 D’s… dogma, doctrine and discipline.

Dogma and doctrine can evolve but are unchanged, Priesthood celibacy is a discipline, not dogma.

Pedophiles are another topic and I offer my contribution to your thread as it relates to the male/female relationship only.


Given all the homosexual mess the priesthood is in, one is almost (but not quite) grateful for priests who are attracted to women, however excessively. In any event, the “guidelines” seem pretty benign to me by providing:

"He added that, under the secret rules, a priest who fathered children was requested to leave the priesthood and “assume his responsibility as a parent, dedicating himself exclusively to the child.”

That’s what I would want them to do as well.


Father Son Holy Spirit, Blessed Mother Mary, all Holy Saints and Angels please surround and protect from satan and all his evil ways all Priests, Religious Brothers and Sisters, Seminarians, Deacons, Our Pope, Bishops, Cardinals and all those discerning vocations to and preparing for the Priesthood or the Consecrated religious life. Amen.


Opening up to married men in the US culture of today would be quite difficult.

A: The man would have to be married before ordination. That means a fairly early marriage in most cases, and the fun of a man attending seminary while having a wife and children as well. And if the marriage breaks down during this period, then you have a potential priest paying alimony and child support while also trying to support himself in his duties, or having the diocese have to come up with extra monies, etc.
B. Suppose the man is married, and while the children are still quite young, and after the ordination, the wife dies. Hmmm, no second marriage allowed, but the man then has the entire child care PLUS the responsibilities of priesthood.
C. In cases like Eastern Catholicism, the parishes are usually small and there is a lot of ‘help’, plus the culture has had married priests and they’ve come through a lot of ways and expectations and solutions going back centuries. In the Anglican tradition, again, there is a cultural expectation going back centuries, built in most cases on the fact that the earliest parishes for most priests had lots of help (unlike US parishes which often are ‘1 priest’ parishes) so the idea of what “Father” does, what his family does, what his vicar or deacon or subdeacon or other helpers do, has been around for centuries. . .in, until recent times, a culture which was fairly homogenous, basically small villages, in an area not that large (Great Britain), and the ‘missionary’ or ‘colonial culture’ often consisted at the start in sending out UNMARRIED men until the area had been ‘prepared’. We don’t have that in the US and we haven’t had it.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. American priests, as part of American culture, deal with a culture that is incredibly ‘individualistic’ as well as the congregations being the same. . . It’s hard enough for one priest to come into a parish where everybody wants to be pope, but add in a wife and kids? Nightmare for all concerned.


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