Secret Service Director resigns

ABC has learned Julia Pierson is resigning as Director of the Secret Service.

DHS Director Jeh Johnson: “Today Julia Pierson…offered her resignation, and I accepted it.”

I think another incident came up though which was a security breach. Placing the President at risk is becoming common.

a security contractor, who had been convicted three times of assault and battery, rode in an elevator with Mr. Obama during a Sept. 16 trip to Atlanta while carrying a gun.

White House is saying she was fired: White House on Secret Service: “The President concluded that new leadership of that agency was required”

CNN reported the same, two slightly different stories probably in a rush to get it out. I actually don’t think Obamas security was all that bad. Granted there are incidents but there have always been and probably always will. Media has a good deal to do with it too.

At least she followed normal protocol for this administration when the news media were given false information to cover up the seriousness of the breeches.

The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if some agents looked the other way on purpose. Even a lot of liberal Democrats are fed up with Mr Obama’s leadership.

I’ve read some things on this board that have me shaking my head.

This post made me sick to my stomach.

What decent human being thinks, “Everybody would probably like to see this president dead?”

Besides being completely idiotic. “I won’t stop that person who is attempting to enter the White House, even though he won’t do any harm and the POTUS isn’t here and I’ll lose my job and ruin my career.”

The issue with the elevator is what did her in. She knew about the incident and never reported it. You can’t have deception its unacceptable.

The Department of Homeland Security is a complete disaster. There have been credible reports of very low morale and high staff turnover under new DHS Secretary Johnson. Obama’s former DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano was accused of sexual harassment of male employees and favoritism to other lesbians. The Obama administration has been a disaster on all security issues.

Competency, and leadership is an issue, Julia Pierson was tore up when confronted yesterday. Then came the, they hired her because she was a female accusation.

Hey, they have a difficult job which is usually pure reflex, not to make excuses for them, but taking a bullet is a tall order.

1 Presidents assassinated
1.1 Abraham Lincoln
1.2 James A. Garfield
1.3 William McKinley
1.4 John F. Kennedy

2 Assassination attempts
2.1 Andrew Jackson
2.2 Abraham Lincoln
2.3 William Howard Taft
2.4 Theodore Roosevelt
2.5 Herbert Hoover
2.6 Franklin D. Roosevelt
2.7 Harry S. Truman
2.8 John F. Kennedy
2.9 Richard Nixon
2.10 Gerald Ford
2.11 Jimmy Carter
2.12 Ronald Reagan
2.13 George H. W. Bush
2.14 Bill Clinton
2.15 George W. Bush
2.16 Barack Obama

3 Presidential deaths rumored to be assassinations
3.1 Zachary Taylor
3.2 Warren G. Harding

Every Secret Service agent on duty that day should also resign. :onpatrol:

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