Secret Vatican Archives That Would Change Christianity Forever?

I have a pagan coworker who recently asserted that Barbara Walters interviewed a priest at the Vatican who affirmed the Vatican had hidden records that, if made public, would change Christianity forever, in a bad way, to show it’s false. He has no detail but this is his assertion. Please give me some thoughts. Thanks.

After a quick search on the internet, I came up with nothing that would even point to there being “hidden records.” There seems to be a lot of information missing which makes me doubt his claims.

Thought 1: Your friend has GOT to stop reading Dan Brown. :slight_smile:

Thought 2: There are Secret Vatican Archives, but here, “Secret” means “private”, as in the papal private archives. Oh, and they’re being digitized, BTW, for the entire world to see.

Thought 3: Challenge your friend to either give you an exact date and program (20/20? The View? Some other program she was on?), or better yet a video of the alleged Baba Wawa interview. Otherwise, it’s just hearsay. Too many people these days are gulled by “friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend” accounts of some TV interview or newspaper article they’ve been told about, and hey, presto! the interview or article is nowhere to be found.

I’m sure there are plenty of confidential records that some would call “secret” but to what end who knows. And Im sure some ex-priest did say that, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. People say the craziest things sometimes for all different reasons. Bottom line is its hearsay which means it has very little credibility. And either way, how could Christianity be “false”? It exists inside of us and we feel the prescience of The Lord constantly.

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Superman is also known for keeping a large pile of kryptonite “hidden” safely under his bed.

I have secret information on the priest in question that will shake the foundations of human history, which I will reveal as soon as the priest reveals the secret information that destroys the Church.

There you go. He has no details because it didn’t happen.


Great answer.

There most certainly is a secret Vatican archive (the official name is the Archivum Secretrum Vaticanum). It’s HUGE (it occupies 53 MILES (85 KM) of shelf space - Vatican City is only a mile wide). It’s been around for 400 years (though many manuscripts are much older). And it’s online:

I think your coworker should cease repeating this assertion until he can provide verifiable details. (The silence should be deafening)



The secular media is really clueless about the Vatican to begin with and could be very easily fooled case in point Raymond Aroyo was asked by very prominent news people at the Conclave last year where the Sea was thinking it was the Holy Sea not See and they were fascinated by “these beads” that everyone was walking around with. There was even a fake cardinal walking around who would have told anyone whatever they wanted to hear. The Vatican security found him because he was wearing a fedora instead of a red Zuchetto. Also, and this is only going to get worse but there was an online article recent about Jesus returning and it quoted a Vatican spokesperson saying that Jesus wasn’t returning to the point this became a huge problem in Ghana. The Vatican Spokesperson was a completely made up name.

First of all you don’t know if your coworker is telling the truth about what Barbara said, if anything. Secondly, Barbara has never been a friend to the Catholic Church, so why would we regard anything she says about the Church as cerdible? Tell your pal to put up or shut up.

For the record, almost any accredited researcher with the right credentials can go in and use the Vatican Secret Archives. I’m a professor, and I personally know of at least two co-workers who have actually BEEN in the archives and used them. While they are an incredible archive with important documents, there’s nothing really secret being hidden there. Like any state archive, there are sensitive materials from the last fifty years that are kept private for security reasons, but that’s mostly due to the Vatican’s role in delicate state negotiations.

Ask him why, as famous as Barbara Walters is, this interview is so secret that no one can find any record of it. :smiley:

Just another dude who wants to write a book. Fiction book.

OOOHHH…actually, I have heard about this secret archives…the secret archives are being kept hidden and secret by a secret organization within Vatican lead by the Black Pope…:eek:

But seriously speaking, when there is a claim like this by your friend, ask for details, source, etc. Ask for proof…like the date of the interview…so you do not go around chasing a wild goose.

What do you mean they “recently asserted” this.
Does that mean they told you this?

And how do they know this info…
Did Ms. Walters tell them personally? Do they work with her?
Did they see this interview? Has it aired?
Did someone who works with Ms. Walters tell them this?
When did this so-called interview happen?

What do they mean the priest “affirmed” this?
The priest said it during the interview?

My thoughts are…unless your “pagan” coworker can tell you anything else–like where they heard this tidbit–they are probably just trying to upset you.


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