Secret video of 'exhausted workforce' in Chinese factory making Apple products


A BBC investigation for Panorama has exposed poor working conditions in factories making Apple products in China.

The undercover team secretly filmed the iPhone production line and found Apple’s promises to protect workers were routinely broken.

One undercover reporter - making parts for Apple computers - had to work 18 days without a day off.

Other workers were filmed falling asleep. Apple say they will investigate any concerns brought to them.


Don’t worry about this. In a year all these workers will be replaced by computer AI and robots. Apple’s China contractor will be replacing 100,000 workers with new technology over the next year. :thumbsup:


I seriously doubt the veracity of these claims.

People taking a nap on their break is hardly a sign of abuse.

I’m confident they don’t have exposed high current or high voltage wires that electrocute line workers. Perhaps a machine had a short that caused harm (this happens in US as well)

The primary comment of merit was people losing their ID card when hired. This is disturbing since it would prevent them from easily finding a better employer.

What wasn’t explained is whether they are being paid for their overtime work.

I have the benefit of having visited many factories in China and other countries.


I just saw that on Panorama (BBC), working from 8am-2am.


They had an undercover worker (as always), I’m guessing Apple aren’t the only ones though.


I believe these claims. China is not known for good labor practices. The toys they make are often lead contaminated.



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