Secretary Warren? Mass. Lawmakers File Legislation To Stop Baker From Replacing The Senator With A Republican


When House lawmakers come back into session Thursday to finish their budget deliberations, they’ll also take part in what’s become a tradition of sorts on Beacon Hill: changing the law to make sure only Democrats get appointed to open U.S. Senate seats.

Legislation from Amherst Representative Mindy Domb would force Gov. Baker to name an interim appointee from the same party as the out-going senator, meaning that Sen. Elizabeth Warren would be replaced by another Democrat should she resign to join the Biden administration.

“The legislation is at its essence, is saying we’re going to make sure that the party of the person is the same party as who the voters put in there in the first place,” Domb told GBH News.

In the last two decades, the law has been changed by the Democrat-controlled legislature a handful of times to make sure Republican governors can’t name a Republican senator, and then changed back or altered when a Democrat sits in the corner office.

"I don’t deny that actually it is partisan, because I believe that the voters in Massachusetts make partisan choices," Domb said of her amendment.

Seems like they should have learned a lesson when Trump named Sessions to his AG. They lost their Republican seat, their legislative power, and later Sessions himself.

Alabama still has egg on it’s face. Now they have elected a Football Coach with zero experience whom moved to the State 18 months ago to run for Senate.

Sounds rather elitist. Football coaches (and players) are often rather intelligent individuals.

In many states this is a constitutional power of the governor. Apparently, the legislature has the power to control the choice.
Then again, if a Republican happens to change affiliation then later change back. :thinking:

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