Secretive Vatican Bank Publishes First Financial Accounts

As the Vatican bank seeks to shed its image of secrecy, its future remains uncertain. Pope Francis suggested this summer that he was considering transforming the bank into a charitable fund or even shutting it down entirely. This summer he set up a special commission to review the bank.

I like the idea of transparency as it would prevent corruption but, not total transparency as this would mean a loss of power and freedom.

Is the Vatican bank like a normal bank or like the treasury department of the Vatican?

No, it is not the treasury it is the central bank. It is where the money of the Vatican is ‘kept’ and they invest the money of the Vatican. Embassies and personnel have accounts also.

Wow, it looks like Pope Francis has a difficult task to handle and I really trust that he will take care of the problems. :yup: He has the spirit. I think he will clean house.

A step in the right direction. Why on Earth are church financial documents secret anyway?

Can newspapers not write a headline or news story without making it sound like something from an Alfred Hitchcock horror movie ? probably not, who would read it…

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