Secrets of the Dead


Sigh. Has anyone here seen the Secrets of the Dead series on PBS? It sounds cool and all, and the first 2/3 of each episode is pretty standard and interesting, but then the last 1/3 they let a kook talk about some anti-Christian theory. For example, the episode on Jamestown purported the theory that a Catholic went to the Jamestown colony to poison everyone there so the Spanish could have a stronghold in the new world. They had journal entries from people who died there describing the symptoms of the dying and “experts” who thought they were more consistent with arsenic poisoning than typhoid fever as originally thought. Then in the Rome Burning episode, this German professor put forth his grand theory that the Christians actually burned Rome in order to make the EGYPTIAN prophecy of Rome burning when the star Sirius was in some phase or whatever. This despite the fact that Nero was a known psycho who just happened to want to rebuild Rome and glorify himself with some new buildings and just happened to be out of town when Rome burned. I hate public television. I hate public radio. I’m so annoyed right now. This one “expert” on the last episode said he didn’t think Nero would burn Rome because he would have to burn down his palace and surely he wouldn’t do that. Rrr. Thanks for listening. Sorry i don’t have a point.


Guess I missed that episode. I watch only a few programs on PBS, and Secrets of the Dead is one I used to try and catch. But haven’t watched that show in months. Sad to hear they had any Catholic bashing. I’d be furious too. Usually, I’ve found it to be a good program. Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t watch it anymore. (I’ll stick to EWTN. :smiley: )
(And the History Channel isn’t any better these days. :frowning: )


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