Sect member teaching catechesis to children


My question is: Can a member of a “sincretic religious sect” or “new religious movement” (NRM) assume double membership with the Catholic church and teach catechesis to children?
What is the duty of the priest/parson/vicar when faced with this situation?


Perhaps “syncretic”?

We cannot be Catholic +, so no Catholic + Baptist or Catholic + Hindu. If a catechist has told you that he/she is “Both Catholic and XYZ”, I’d advise you to make the pastor aware then leave it in his hands.


Perhaps “syncretic”?
Sorry about the typo, yes :“syncretic religious sect”.

I’d advise you to make the pastor aware then leave it in his hands.

Well, this is a curious thing. The catholic church has yet to concretely denounce this specific sect, although the sect is nearly one century old now. (e.g. other sects are denounced daily, or practices like yoga/reiki these days…) On the contrary, for some reason, this specific sect has managed “politically” to go undenounced for decades (although they claim a couple of million adherents). When I made several pastors aware, most of them didn’t exactly know what to think or do about the sect (and much less the lay who are faced with this sect in their community and within the mass/catechesis itself).


Are you sure this is not a Catholic movement?

Like Opus Dei or Focolare or NCW?


I’m sure! This sect is of Japanese origin, mixing Buddhism with Hinduism and heavy Jainism influence, to this they add heavily distorted bible interpretations. The most worrying part, is precisely the degree of their distortion of catholic dogma where they individually proclaim every single catholic anathema in reverse as their doctrine.

Then they say:“There is no single incompatibility between us and the catholic faith.”

So, this sect relies in infiltration of the catholic church instead of the usual differentiation/distancing that comes with heretic movements. An altogether worrying and bothersome strategy.


I would find out what this person actually believes, and then analyze whether what they believe is in error or not.

I would also find out if they intend on teaching any of said errors to others.


Contact the Religious Education/Faith Formation office at your Diocese. Let them sort it out.


Minor point.

Opus Dei is not a “movement”, but a personal prelature, part of the hierarchical Church, like a diocese without geographical boundaries, but with a particular pastoral purpose: provide formation to help people pursue holiness and do apostolate. This formation is not typically possible to acquire in a parish; lots of classes (every week), regular (near weekly) spiritual direction, monthly recollections, annual workshops, annual retreat.

Also, unlike movements…OD doesn’t do anything other than provide formation…there are NO Opus Dei Annual meetings and such. Only formation, most of which is open to any Catholic or even any person at all.


It would be good to see what he is trying to syncretise. The history of it is quite broad


The article you reference -an historical perspective- ends in the late XVII century. It’s taken from “The Catholic Encyclopedia” dated 1912. It does state:

Put simply, in current contemporary use: “Syncretism” is used to “designate the fusion of religions”.

This definition, is mostly used to distinguish the “end-product” from denominations of the major religions, that have not incorporated elements from outer, second of third, religions. In that they are not the result of a “fusion or mix” but simply variations/denominations stemming from a single religion at its origin.


That’s why I said, “It would be good to see what he is trying to syncretise. The history of it is quite broad”


I understand that, my point was not made well, it was that to the outsider OD may appear to be something novel or exotic.


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It’s the doctrine of the holy roman catholic church, and it’s correct!


Does this sect have a name?


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I’d rather not write the full name to avoid this discussion showing up on search engines. The short description of the sect says enough since it falls within a “genre”: NRM of Japanese origin.


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