Section 5 paragraph 2 line 4

when i came into the church i thought having the order and structure would be awesome but the nitpicking about the rules of this and that is a real drag.

I hear what you’re saying, but please put it into context. The very purpose of this forum is to discuss liturgical matters. We are all “here” because we have an interest in this sort of thing, and this is a place where we can have these discussions with people who share this common interest (not easy people to come-by). So coming here and reading these posts and participating in them is a very different experience than the Church in real life. Rest assured, we don’t act/talk this way otherwise!:thumbsup: unless we’re at a parish meeting or something like that (at least most of us don’t).

Welcome to the Church!!! We are truly glad you’re here.

So, you spent 1+ years preparing to enter the church and didn’t pick up that there are a fair number of rules? What exactly is bothering you? Which rule(s) are troublesome?


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