Secular argument opposing same sex marriage? Click Here!

Need a secular argument to oppose same sex marriage?

I strongly recommend reading this - The below link provides a free online pdf. file of this short booklet.

Why Homosexual Unions Are Not Marriages -

It’s a short booklet that provides a very good and strong secular argument, I strongly recommend everyone read this, it’s very worth while and will help others to see how illogical and harmful it is to be supporting same sex marriage with regards to the law.

Thank you for reading

Thanks Josh.

These kind of arguments are great. It’s a pity most people don’t care about arguments and reason but are persuaded so easily by sentiment and images, which is a recipe for moral chaos (after all, how did Hitler get away with it?).

No worries, Im glad to see people like you jonathan_hili opposing same sex marriage, as far too many people are supporting same sex marriage with regards to the law, alot are against the acts, but are okay with them legalising it in law, hopefully the short booklet will educate them why it’s a bad idea to sit back as this is being debated.

That’s why they need to be educated on how it will affect society, marriage doesn’t legalise a homosexual union, it recognises it as equivalent to a heterosexual union, it ignores the basic and obvious differences between men and women and their sexual anatomy, their sexual compatibility, once this illusion is legalised, it will be required to be taught in schools, than the next generation will grow up rooted in this lie about marriage and sexuality and they think this wont affect them? haha

Legalising same sex marriage will affect everyone in a vast number of ways, it will also spread more hatred and ignorance to the teachings of the Church.

Alot of people also become confused about our agenda, we oppose the acts of homosexuality, not homosexuals, too many people are lumping them together, everyone has desires that are wrong, our desires are not who we are, we make that choice.

Thank you for reading

New Zealand just approved homosexual “marriages” :frowning: I really hope that won’t be the case with DOMA in California or anywhere further. You’ll clearly notice the emotionally-charged arguments pro-SSM groups have… but fact is still fact. So this is an awesome source! :thumbsup: Thank you for sharing! :slight_smile:

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