Secular arguments against condoms

Could you give me some secular arguements against contraception (especially condoms) so I can try to convince my friends of why it’s a bad idea

Blocks the transmission of life. All relations between husband and wife should be open to life.


It promotes sex outside of marriage and it has led to more abortions due to misuse and more teens having sex because it’s sex without the consequences.

theres also studies that marriages are happier and last longer if both partners haven’t had sex before


They’re ineffective

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Are you trying to convince your friends to not have sex outside marriage or to not use condoms outside marriage?

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Sometimes, faith is the only reason, just saying. I won´t convince an atheist to skip meat and milk during lent because there is really no “secular benefit” from it at all.
Why do you want to do so?


As far as I’m aware my friends aren’t sexually active at the moment but to generally convince them of why in general condoms are bad to use

Sometimes I find myself talking about contravercial Catholic doctorine (I don’t always bring it up) and it can be hard to defend my points. Usually I do it reasonably well but the teaching in contraception is the contravercial teaching I probably know least about why the church says it’s wrong.

I understand this, really, it´s often hard but not always better to try the secular argumentation, at some point it turns complicated more easily than simply skipping the discussion or saying “it´s about my religion”.
For myself, I don´t try to convince people when it comes to religious habits or views in my private life, which includes eating, dressing, marital relatons etc. I keep it simple with “we do so in my faith” or “I like to do it so, it´s best for me”.
Rather than adressing condoms, when a discussion about sexuality comes up, I would start with sexual moral in general. Condoms are really a small part of a bigger picture .


Secular arguments?

There aren’t any.

At least, none beyond standard stuff like having a possible latex allergy and the fact that it makes sex less enjoyable for the male.


So are you trying to persuade them to not use a condom if they do have sex outside marriage?

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Aren’t you just 12 or 13? I’m not sure we should be advising you about this let alone telling you what to tell your friends. These are conversations you should be having with your parents.


Condoms would be a sin inside or outside of marriage.

Tell them sex isn’t for pleasure only, its being open to God’s giving new life with each and every act between spouses.


I think there is a stat that they are only 85% effective, which I don’t think everyone realizes.

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That’s not a valid argument, because there’s plenty of evidence to support their efficacy. That would fall flat.


Yeah, i think it’s not a good idea for adult strangers to discuss anything of a sexual nature with a minor.

A pastor, parent, or counselor would be better suited for such a discussion.


…and an answer you won´t provoke could be “oh they are not as secure as I thought - fine - I will think about a vasectomy” :wink:

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Also true.

I think the OP was searching for secular arguments. But that’s an excellent and pithy explanation of the Catholic view on the matter.

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The thing that gets me is this:

There seems to be a craze over naturalism and being “clean” and and pure in your methods of eating, living etc. Yet at the same time, there’s a craze over contraception. Contraception is like the most unnatural thing you can do.

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