Secular Franciscan to Friar


Can or is there cases of Secular Franciscans going on to become Friar minors living in monasteries ?

Is it allowed and does it happen


I’ve not known of any, but I’m sure some probably have.

Just go ahead and discern your attractions, asking God to purify your intentions. Retain a spiritual director. Should you find a friary that accepts you, your commitment as an SFO will be suspended. Double check with your fraternity, though, as to what happens to an SFO’s commitment when they enter an institute of perfection (religious life).

Mrs Cloisters OP
Lay Dominican


Mother Alphnsa Lathrop, founder of the Dominicans of Relief for Incurable Cancer (Hawthorne Dominicans), was a secular (Third Order) Dominican before she founded her community. There are many others.


I am aware of one who was a Secular Franciscan when he was married. He was subsequently divorced, received a declaration of nullity, became a friar, and eventually was ordained a priest. That’s about as complicated a road as one could follow.


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