Secular humanist anti-Catholicism on MSNBC

Check out this video on MSNBC:

“Critics say outing Harry Potter’s mentor sends wrong message to kids”

Notice the caustic remarks from the program’s anchor, Dan Abrams. For example, in response to the guest’s concern that adolescent, sexually confused boys may see Dumbeldore as an authority figure and may be led to experimentation, Abrams says, “Well, at least they won’t have to have abortions, right?” (Obvious which team he is batting for, to put it plainly.)

(You can view the video and read full commentary here: .)

Can you believe that?

Typical media filth.

Good grief!

NONE of the characters in the HP epic is a real person!

Dumbledore is NOT REAL!

Repeat that three times.

Or are you objecting to an admirable fictional character just happening to be gay, as if all gay people were intrinsically more evil than heterosexuals?

Dumbledore shouldn’t be near all those children though, as our own Church crisis shows.

This post isn’t about the inclusion of a gay character in a work of fiction. This post is about the MSNBC treatment of concerned Christians. Watch the video.

Indeed. What a disgrace. Is using obnoxious loudmouths a new strategy for the left? Just when I thought TV couldn’t get any worse…

bpbasilphx, whether or not you agree with what Dan Abrams was saying, he shouldn’t be ridiculing a guest. It would be better still if he remained neutral - I’m sure that the lady from didn’t need his help.

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