Secular Institutes

Hello! Is anyone here a member of a secular institute? If so, would you please share a little about your journey?

I do not belong to a secular institute, but Opus Dei seems to be the largest one. Experiences would be obviously different for a numerary than a supernumerary.

Just trying again…anyone have any experience or knowlege of consecrated life as lived in a secular institute? I would love to learn more!

Hi, saw your question, not sure if you have done this already but if you Google ‘secular institutes’ there is a wealth of info, this link being a good one: of course you asked if someone had personal experience to share… I did see there are articles wherein people speak to their experience if you search through some of these sites. I belong to a Secular Order, a little different… I’m a Servite, Order of Secular Servants of Mary, our Servite family does have a Secular Institute for women: Here is a list of SI’s:
I’m located in the US so that’s what dominates my Google search, if your local is different it will bring up more for your area. Sorry I can’t help more than some search info.
May you be blessed in your search and your vocation.

Thanks for the info, Mary Theresa!

Opus Dei is NOT a secular institute, though some people have the misconception that it is. It is a personal prelature.

Does anyone know anything about the “Mission of Our Lady of Bethany”? which is a secular institute founded in France. Contact point in the USA is in Massachusetts. Nothing reallly on the internet that I could find about them.


Opus Dei was the first secular institute ever established. That’s why some people still think it is one. Opus Dei is now a personal prelature and has been since 1982.

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