Secular media using Priest SSA with boys as rationale for why Priest should marry

Makes zero sense to me. No straight Priest would have any sexual attraction to boys.

Just another stupid media idea … they throw at Church, to try to destroy her.

Thanks…which media outlets are using this as rationale?

A much better reason - for us - would be to allow married men to be ordained so that the pool of excellent candidates for priesthood could be bigger.

It might not solve the Western vocations crisis overnight, but if married men were allowed to be priests for the first thousand years or so of the Latin Church (and still are in the Eastern Orthodox Churches) then there’s simply no dogmatic reason why we should continue with this discipline in an era when property and inheritance rights over Church property would no longer apply.

I have met some excellent ex-Anglican priests and known one young married man who, before he was received into the Catholic Church spoke movingly and convincingly on a Christian Unity Day service about the need for one Church. He’d only been ordained an Anglican cleric for about a year or so and my then Parish Priest said to me “I don’t know why he doesn’t go the whole way and come to us”. A few months later he did, and it is a great joy to me that only a few weeks ago he was ordained a Catholic priest.

If we can ordain Anglican priests, even ones who convert with no expectation of being ordained Catholic priests and who were willing to give up their entire clerical career, then surely to goodness we can ordain married Catholic men? It’s utterly perverse that we choose not to.

Men have a hard time serving two masters which is why Paul placed celibacy over marriage.

I don’t know about the secular media, but this has definitely occurred to me, mainly because of the sexual depravity that has happened - both child rape and the homosexual subculture. I have honestly wondered if in our difficult times it could be so bad to have priests living a life of fruitful normalcy in the love of a family.

I am 100% sure that a married person can be devoted to our Lord and be a spiritual leader because I know someone who is and does in an exemplary and devoted manner.

So true

How would marriage eliminate pedophilia or homosexuality? You do know, don’t you, that many, many pedophiles are married men and women and very few ever take a vow of celibacy.

How would marriage help a man with SSA?

If a man is willing to break his vow of celibacy, what makes you think that he won’t break his marriage vows?



Also often they abuse their own children.

Another way to promote gay marriage?? “If SSA men were allowed to be married priests this would result in decreased pedophilia in the Church…” Is this what they are saying?
Or are they saying celibacy in and of itself leads to pedophilia? Either way is illogical.

The majors …NBC, ABC, CBS…and esp. the minors like MSNBC.

CNN …seems more balanced and sensible.

The later …that not having a wife as sexual ‘outlet’ ----- leads a man to abuse male alterboys.

It’s a nonsensical argument on their part, given that 70% of sex abuse occurs at home, by married men who DO have a “sexual outlet”.

Right. All I know is that if I were a priest who took a vow of celibacy, I wouldn’t be tempted to break that vow with an altar boy. I have no sexual attraction for males or boys. I would look to adult women. There are plenty of them around and I would be willing to be that the idea of having sex with a priest would be a big draw for some women, making it easy for me.

The claim that celibacy causes homosexuality and/or pedophilia is laughable.



Yes. …laughable, but for their ignorance, not knowing Rt. from Lt.

Our mainstream press is almost beyond redemption, …the blind leading the blind.

You’ve seen specific news programs in which reporters/anchors at the above networks have presented news stories, as network opinion, saying that priests having pedophilia urges is a good rationale for why priests should marry? In an effort to destroy the Catholic church?

I was more making the point that it had genuinely occurred to me as someone who is not a member of an anti-catholic media conspiracy, than proposing for it as part of my personal manifesto for reform of the church. :wink:

I think positions like priest are a jackpot for child molesters with all of the trust and access to vulnerable people that they provide. I would agree it is perfectly possible for married people to abuse children.

Religious/celibate life may even be something of an enclave for people of various aberrant sexual inclinations they would rather not act on - but who end up in a bad position for resisting temptation later on.

Further, priests give advice about, and in some cases have a bit of control over, other people’s marriages and family life.

Also, we are supposed to be fruitful and multiply - look how many well-catechised Catholics are not born because of this birth control! :smiley:

For some of these reasons and probably more if I was really keen on promoting the idea, I think it would probably be perfectly alright to have priests with ordered, normal, fruitful married lives if the church wanted to - clearly the church does not disagree in principle.

Perhaps even on an obligatory basis - one thing’s for sure, you don’t understand parenthood or marriage, or how we all kind of fail at them unless you have done either, sorry, there it is.

I’m not really proposing for it though - I was just pointing out that this had occurred to me - a non-media type without the slightest shadow of ill will towards the church.

Interesting. If one chooses homosexuality, then one can choose heterosexuality. I suppose the idea is that married priests would choose heterosexuality and reject homosexuality. One crowds out the other.

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