secular music

is this a good approach to discern good vs not so good secular music?

i listen to the lyrics and if they have a good message, or at least not a sinful one, i will generally purchase the song, regardless of the artist.

i don’t like a lot of stuff that comes out these days but certain artists have some ok songs once in a while. i feel like if i get those ones, it at least sends a message that those are the ones that i approve of (not that it really matters in the grand scheme of their lives)

and it’s not like people like katy perry, lady gaga, selena, justin bieber eTC don’t have some talent, they do but they’re not using it too well in my opinion.

is this a good way to go about? or should i avoid artist completely if they have mostly bad songs?

Yes, I think checking out the lyrics is a good way to discern whether the music is OK for listening. It’s not 100% effective for deciding if it is a good song since the lyrics might be good, but the music could be awful. But it’s a good start for avoiding garbage.

I listen to music such as Al Stewart’s or Harry Chapin’s,which has interesting melodic and chord changes, UNLESS the lyrics are disgusting or gratuitously obscene. One group which has wonderful music but repulsive words is Live, and it’s a shame. b/c I’d listen to them often otherwise. There are too many others like this, obviously. :o Rob

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