Secular Music?

I had a deacon once tell me he also got inspired by country music.

Is it ok for Catholics to listen to music like rap, country, etc… as well as hymns, gospel, and contemporary christian?

Absolutely - you might want to pay attention to the lyrics though, especially with the rap music which tends to glorify violence and promote unhealthy attitudes to sexuality - I know this, I used to be a big fan of rap and only realised how awful the majority of the lyrics are after my reversion.

:yup: I listen to most everything, except rap. (I just don’t care for it.) I do pay attention to the lyrics though. Years and years ago, my Mom caught me singing along to “Angel of the Morning” :blush: There’s nothing like a child to bring to your attention what message is being sent out. :rolleyes:

Might I recommend Del the Funky Homosapien and Public Enemy? PE use some fairly strong language (usually to make a point), but Del hardly ever does. They’re both thoroughly opposed to both violence and senseless sexuality, although PE is more overtly political about it.

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