Secular protest against the growing political power of the Russian Orthodox Church


CNN: Secular protest against the growing political power of the Russian Orthodox Church. Hours after a religious procession here, a much larger group of secular demonstrators linked arms around St. Isaac’s Cathedral. Wearing blue ribbons and chanting “museum,” they voiced their opposition to a proposal to transform this church from a state-owned museum to a permanent place of worship owned and operated by the Russian Orthodox Church. Several protesters told me they worry that the Church and the Kremlin are gradually chipping away at the secular system of government in Russia.


There is a problematic link between church and state in Russia these days, but I’m all for converting the churches back to actual places of worship.


I do think the Russian Orthodox Church is increasingly hand and hand with the state - cronyism.

Tough time for ‘organized religion’ all around, huh? All suddenly seeming very human. Maybe it is a new phase in the life of the Church. (by which I mean another phase to come of holiness) I would love to talk to Jesus the man as he walked on earth, a prophet more or less, about the state of the Christian religion today. What a discussion that would be. Would be a good essay to write for Lent. :wink:


If I were a Russian Orthodox, I think I would be a lot more concerned about state power over the church than the other way around.


I think there’ll always be people complaining that things aren’t the way they want them. Too secular, not secular enough, too conservative, too liberal, etc etc.

But expect even more protests any time there’s a change from the status quo, like in this case.


One must understand that the Soviet Orthodox Church (the “Russian” Orthodox Church) is a corrupt entity. It should be granted no recognition within the Orthodox or ecumenical world. As for it’s holdings in Ukraine (as the fallacious "Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Moscow Patriarchate [UOC-MP]), all property should be seized by the Ukrainian government and turned over to Ukrainians. The occupying Russians in Ukraine who want Russian parishes should be made to form their own new parishes or else move to Russia.


Many Catholics are strongly opposed to the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association. If you justify repression of the Moscow Patriarchate for advancing a malicious foreign agenda, then China has every right to repress the Catholic Church for similar reasons.


I always like to say that nothing on CAF surprises me anymore, whether it’s anti-Orthodox, anti-Anglican, anti-Lutheran, etc etc. But the “stuff” that you just posted causes me to question that.


This is an Orthodox Church that was seized by the Communists in 1917. It’s a church not a museum, and these protesters are totally in the wrong.


The cathedral, one of the city’s top tourist destinations, was seized by the state after the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution and became a museum. The city announced last month that it would be returned to church control.


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