Secularism - a type of religion unto itself?

Okay, all this talk about secularists trying to get religion out of the picture is really starting to “get my goat”!

If secularists/atheist want to force religion out of the picture, aren’t they doing exactly what they don’t want us to do? Isn’t that hypocritical?

My Catholicism is a way of life. I cannot separate it from my way of thinking or what I do or how I act. It is part of me and to separate it would be like removing my heart from my body, yet still expecting me to live. I am sure that other religious Christians feel the same.

For a person who doesn’t want religion forced on them to tell me I can’t act the way I am -and must be forced to act the way they “want” me to - is ridiculous. Especially in democratic societies such as the US and the EU.

How did the world get this way? :mad:

They have the freedom to not want God in their lives and to tell everyone about it, why don’t they let us do the same? Where is the tolerance and diversity they keep shouting about?


… sorry for the rant, I’m talking about in general in the world today. But today’s vitriolic secularists/atheists are really irrational and have totally lost critical thinking skills… IMO

You are absolutely right. Secularism is not only a religion, but a particular type, a type that must forbid any actual truth.

The fundamental idea of Secularism is to “govern the variety”. This means there must be a variety. If everyone were to know truth, then where is the variety? Everyone would have to settle for what the real truth presented. There would be nothing to govern and no need for governance, thus no need for Secularism.:shrug:

As to how it got that way; It spawns naturally from the effort to be independent from others without being isolated from others. This situation requires that a governance be established to “effectively” isolate the people enough such that they can be as independent as possible even though they cannot be truly independent.

Thus it is a requirement of reality to have a governance when different people are too close to each other (else they interfere and kill each other) and it is also required that they be different from each other so as to require that governance. :tsktsk:

The alternative would be to have people all the same. But if that happens, you establish true peace. :grouphug: And as lovely as that sounds, true peace cannot defend itself from anything that isn’t peaceful. By having people different, social energy is created. that energy, measured in money, yields the power required to defend the society against an intruder. :twocents:

Thus for defense, there must be also be difference so as to have power. The more difference created in the population, the more power (money) is available for defense (of whoever is governing). And the more difference in the population, the more need for governance. :slapfight:

But also, the more difference required of the population, the more deception is required to maintain the difference.:hypno:

So the bottom line is that Secularism, in an effort to maintain independence, requires that truth be a vast minority within its domain, else it will lose power. Or so it thinks.

In reality, it could have a great deal more power with which to defend its harmony, far, far, more “money”, but it just doesn’t see it, So it does what the lesser mind demands.

Lust causes blindness which causes the need to lust even more. Secularism is a lust for power fueled by the fear of Reality/God.

Also once known as Satanism. :eek:

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