Secularization; how to fight it

:frowning: There has been a major noticeable increase in media in demeaning religion, Faith even depicting it as obsolete, unrealistic. :ouch: Any ideas how to fight that major threat? :newidea: Noticed that the largest retail store chain in the world has placed Christ back into Christmas? Any guesses why, and how to publically reject Secularism as unreal? :thumbsup:

Because people objected. So fight secularism by being involved rather than being passive. Whereever you see it fight it. Email the stores and advertisers. Boycotts do work too, as long as you let them know why you are boycotting.

Make sure you bring Catholicism back into the public discussion.

Exactly! One Computer retailer I had shopped for years began advertising Sunday Only sales. :bigyikes: [LIST]
So I found the national Corporate leadership of the big chain, E-mailed them that am never again shopping them, unless and until they Publically announce they are stopping Sunday only sales. :dts: And I visited the Manager of the local store, and told him he has a great store, but because of the new National Policy, am not shopping there anymore. [/LIST][LIST]
A surprisingly few people, a dozen per store doing such can have major impact, reverse such policies. And a few thousand unarganized, spontaneous letters, etc, can change, reverse any chain’s policy, if they respect their customers. :thumbsup: [/LIST]

:wink: as Mother Angelica said, just Praying not enough. Got to Work at projects too, to get them done. :wave:

Here is what I do in this regard:

  1. Attend movies only if I am 100% certain they have decent plots and characters - not perfect, but decent.

  2. Enforce the rules when lifeguarding. Kids learn standards and that their actions have consequences outside of their families.

  3. Support decent business, ex. Holy Family Supply is the catholic store near where I live. I rent videos from them instead of say Hollywood Video.

  4. I do not buy or view liberal news sources.

  5. Teach relgious ed at my church, third year. A couple of weeks back we talked with a young married couple who had lived a perfectly chaste life prior to marriage.

  6. Always set a good example because you never know when you might have a positive effect on someone.

Those are a few ideas.

God bless

p.s. I like this kind of thread because it gives an opportunity to exchange ideas on a positive level.

Excellent ideas. I have a few more: [LIST]
[/LIST] EWTN idea: Live our Faith in Public. At Resturants, we say prayer before meal, with Sign of the Cross. Does get major notice, and thanksfrom other denomination people. [LIST]
[/LIST] I make a point of never shop Sunday. [LIST]
[/LIST] Indeed, Youth need to know The Standards for behaviour, and Why. The Why is Not to damage themselves and their future. Massive number examples available. Like early sex Severly hurts chances for ideal Love and life. Same drinking, cursing. Real people don’t need to act big. **Acting Big shouts weakness of the individual, and is widelly recognized as obnoxious also. **
Living Positive is Widelly recognized, because so few are not troubled seriously. [/LIST] [LIST]
A Note about ‘liberal, conservative’. Those are political, misused terrms. Fr Mitch Pacwa said a national classic last year year: Its not liberal or conservative. Its only whether right or wrong[/LIST]
[/LIST]I make a point of getting honest, factual news, not a system twist or spin, which is difficult to avoid.:tiphat: [/LIST]

Been ranting about the Secularist on my blog whether it be Relativism, Materialism, Liberalism, and/or Socialism. Many of my blog entries I have posted on CAF. Some of the more relevant posts:[LIST]
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Track down the Catholic radio station in your area. Getting news from a Catholic perspective is very helpful. Buy Catholic newspapers and/or magazines. For newspapers, I like Our Sunday Visitor and Michigan Catholic.

The secular media is making noise 24/7. Get the Catholic perspective and you will understand the world differently and learn more about what is going on in the world.

Making yourself heard, politely, is also good.

God bless,

tyvm for the big tips. I have my own: Globalization disertated upon several places. That, and its all encompassing agenda seems to be the parent problem. Will check your rants out! :thumbsup: [/LIST]

Thanks for great ideas. We don’t have Catholic Radio here in DC airwaves. But do have excellent Diocesan weekly. And am addict to one of best learning sources, very worldwide EWTN. Have learned so mucvh that view everything from Catholic perspective, which happens to be Our Lord’s. :amen: [/LIST]

I use to be a globalist, but not any more. That started when I read Small is Still Beautiful: Economics as if Families Mattered by Joseph Pearce (I am thinking of getting it back out and rereading it. In fact, as I read more and more about Distributism, I am becoming less of a Capitalist and more of a Distributist.

This may come in handy since Society and Civilization is on the verge of implosion.

Another SE Michigan resident? :eek: There are sure a boatload of us here.

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